Monday, October 22, 2007

Tales from the Weekend...

I had a very full weekend. It started out Friday evening at The Creative Studio in Naperville, IL. I went to a free crop (a scrapbook workshop in which you work on your pages) with two friends Jodi and Becky. We had a good time and I worked on six 8 X 8pages. I say worked on because I have completed 95% of each page. I still need to put journaling and pictures on my pages. We met at 5pm and worked until 11pm. I actually left about 15 minutes earlier because I was tired. I just arrived home from Syracuse at 2:30 that afternoon ran home and completed some work for my job. I was still on eastern time so it was actually after midnight for me. I felt very productive and satisfied with the progress.

The next day I went to Six Flags Great America's Fright Night festivities. My friend Becky invited me and Jodi. We decided to leave by 11 in the morning at planned on arriving around noon. We did get there about 30 minutes later but it was good. We went in and the first ride we got in line for was the Superman roller coaster. This is a really cool roller coaster in which you are on your stomach flying like superman. FUN! But the line took us almost three hours to get through! Horrible! I was exhausted by the time I got up there. I had a great time but I wouldn't stand in a line like that again! It was horrible!

Anyway the park was totally decorated in spooky decorations which looked really cool! The area the Superman ride was in was called Seven Sins Cemetery. They had these mausoleums with the seven deadly sins listed on them. There were ghouls and other scary things running around freakin' me out! Too funny! I got some fun pictures.
This is me and my friend Jodi in the caskets. I was too tall to lay properly in the casket. Notice how my legs are bent. I have mentioned I am six feet tall right? Jodi said they would just chop off my feet. GROSS!
All together we went through five attractions all day which included the Superman roller coaster, Haunted House (a really bad 3-D movie), Superstition ride (Elvira's virtual roller coaster which was very cool), Studio 13 (a walk through haunted movie studio) and the Mausoleum of Terror (walk through scary area). I had a good time at all the attractions except for the Haunted House 3-D movie. It was really bad! They should have been ashamed of themselves for showing that one. In other lines we discussed it with others who felt the same way. The 3-D effects were good but the story line was so lame it was a shame. All the roller coasters had lines you would not believe! I mean at least a two and a half hour wait! I wasn't doing that again.
We finally got hungry and had to stand in line for over an hour to get food. My friends got fajitas that were cold! I had some cheese fries and a soda. I will never buy food there again. A lot of people went back to their cars and tailgated or had little picnics. I think this is the best way to go for sure!

But before our last attraction we had a coupon for a buy one get three games in the Arcade area. We were limited to playing a game called Bank of Balls. We all thought we would try it and Becky and I both won a prize! I got it on the first try! I was too excited! I got a Tasmanian Devil stuffed animal! Becky got a huge frog. We had to carry these things around the park. Very cumbersome! LOL! But we were both happy. Jodi didn't win at this game but she played the guess your birthday month game and won a key lime colored teddy bear. So we all won in the end. A good day!
This is me and Becky with our prizes. She complained I didn't post any pictures of her from the Orlando trip and I only mentioned her once. So here is a picture with her in it! Now get over it! LOL!

I think next year I will skip Fright Fest. It was just too crowded for my taste. My friend Becky said it usually isn't as crowded earlier in the month. Maybe! But, I will get a season pass and go during the week to do some of the awesome rides they have there. They have some of the coolest roller coasters. They also have a wonderful water park called Hurricane Harbor. I love water parks! I want to go several times next year.
On our way home I got a horrible Charley horse in my right leg. It was horrible. My friend had to pull over and put on her hazard signal to let me out to walk. Is hasn't gone away totally either. I can feel the tension in my legs! I hope it goes away real soon. I didn't get home that evening until after midnight. Of course I haven't got pass my eastern time schedule so it was super late for me.
On Sunday I went to my Mother's house to visit her and my brother Keith. We had a good day. I was tired though. My mom cooked some turnip greens, macaroni and fried chicken. She also made a banana cake (my favorite) without frosting. It was delicious! We went out for a drive and stopped at Starbucks. I have an addiction to the Hot Carmel Apple Cider. It's full of calories so I think I will just get them maybe once every two weeks or so. That should reign me in some. I got home yesterday around 10pm and went to bed. I was pretty tired.
This morning I called my job and spoke with the administrator to see if she had any approximate dates. She luckily did and none were the week of my CKU convention. But I am not out of the woods yet. I explained my predicament and she understands. I will check with her again in December before I sign up for the convention. But I do feel a bit better about my chances. It sort of looks good.
Well I hope you everyone had a good weekend! I hope to have some projects to share soon!
See ya later Alligator!


Virtuous said...

Yep you had a jammed packed weekend.

I SO would have NOT been in those caskets! LOL And I didn't realize you were 6 feet tall at all.

Amusement park food always sucks!

Now that was a good Sunday dinner - I also didn't realize your fam was still there with you too! Did you grow there??

Hope your leg feel better soon, but I know all about those hot caramel apple blasts at Starbucks...pure sugar! LOL Maybe that will make you feel better though! :op

I have a good feeling you will be able to go on your scrapbook convention! YAH!

Adrienne said...

LOL Looks like you had fun!!! But ummm, see, you lost me at the casket!!! LOL I could NOT have done it! LOL

PAJNSTL said...

i with the other girls, i would NOT have been in those caskets! lol I also would have punked out on some of the rides too!

but it looks like you had a fun weekend!

Sheila said...

You are such an adventurous one... you definitely had a blast. I am a fan of turnips... grew up on them... totally delicious.