Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finished Chenille Cowl

O.K. Here is my finished chenille cowl! I loved this project! It was very easy and quick to make! Here is my review a la Crimson Purl!
Book - So Simple Crochet
Author - Melody Griffiths for Creative Homeowners
Pattern - Chenille Cowl
Level - Beginner
Time to complete - about four hours
Yarn - Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick, 1 skein each color antique white, khaki and Champagne
Needle size - N
Pro's - It's very easy and quick.

Con's - I never figured out how they got the fringe to twist! Also the pattern is one size fits all which isn't true for us busty women! I had to add several additional rows to the pattern. If I make it again for myself I would increase the stitches at least by five!

Overall this was a fabulous pattern. I will make a few of these to give as gifts this year!

This is my finished KCAL project for the Ebony Elite group. I may have another one to show later this week! This was too fun to make and easy!


Monday, March 24, 2008

KCAL Chenille Cowl Progress

Here is my chenille cowl I am doing for the KCAL with Ebony Elite. I am having some sizing issues. I wish I would have added a few more rows of the first color to the cowl. Now it only shows on the collar portion. I have decided to add a few more rows to the cowl of the other colors to make it long enough for me. I have broad shoulders and I wear an extra large in tops. This pattern appears to be made for a much smaller person. So I need to improvise some. I do like the way its working out though. I hope to have it finished by the time I leave for home on Thursday.

This is a picture of the cowl with the collar not rolled. This is a picture with the collar rolled. I would have preferred more of the cream on the shoulders but it appears the cream will show only on the collar. I know for next time now!
I will post the finished product by the end of the week!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope each and every one of you had a fantastic Easter! Today I didn't get to go to church but I had a good day. I actually slept in until 10:30am! It felt good! I really needed it. I got up got dressed and located an I-HOP and had a very late breakfast. Afterward I went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and spent the day riding the roller coasters. It was terrific! It was much better than yesterday. The lines were awful yesterday. I spent three hours waiting to get on one Roller coaster and an hour on another. That alone tired me out. Today I got a chance to ride the other roller coasters offered at the park. The lines were much shorter than yesterday! I simply ran and got on the rides today or I had a very short wait of about 20 minutes which was fabulous! Yesterday some of the roller coasters were not open. Today they opened them all but the latest called "Goliath". I really wanted to check that one out but it doesn't seem ready to run. Anyway it was a great day! I rode The Poltergeist, The Boomerang (again), The Roadrunner, Superman, Der Twister (another wonderful ride not a roller coaster) and Die Fledermaus ( the swing). It was a good day! Today was a bit cooler than yesterday so I didn't consider riding any of the water rides. I didn't want to be wet and get a cold.

Here are some photos I took at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. There are these beautiful man made waterfalls in the park. I really thought they were great photo opportunities. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of me. Maybe next time!

This is one of the really cool rides I found by the Superman roller coaster. It's called Das Fledermaus (wave swinger). It was really fun. The ride spins around and the total rides goes around and around while its spinning. I screamed the whole time (but I do this on all rides LOL!).

The whole Six Flags experience was made possible this weekend due to me using my coin savings. I don't know about you guys but at the end of each day I empty my pockets of change and I put them into different banks per coin( quarter, nickels, dimes and pennies). When I fill a bank I use the money for fun things. I filled my quarter container and I ended up with $135! I was too happy! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the money. I like going to the amusement parks and I also wanted to visit more water parks (which I love). Since Six Flags has both I decided to buy a season pass. I will not take a personally funded vacation, so I figured I would take some time to visit the water park and amusement parks in Illinois, St. Louis and Texas. A friend of mine told me her daughter purchased her season passes in other places besides Illinois because they were cheaper in other states and they could be used in Illinois. I checked and the prices were cheaper (by at least $20) here in Texas. So I used the money to buy a season pass and I also learned you could purchase a parking season pass too. It cost $15 to park at Six Flags! Not cheap with even with a season pass. I checked and you can use them at other parks too! The cost of the season parking pass was $45. So Voila! I bought the season pass and the parking pass with my quarter savings! The total cost was around $115. Woo Hoo! I feel good now! I also spent money earlier in the week to purchase a Couture sewing book from Barnes and Noble. I am very satisfied with myself! I have a tendency to try to buy mostly needed stuff with found money (I get teased sometimes) So this feels so good!

I was wondering if any of you have a system for saving money. If not you should consider it. I simply empty my pockets of all change every time I come home. I separate it by coins and I spend the money only when I fill the container. I never fill all the coin containers at the same time. The dimes take the longest (maybe I need a smaller container (tee hee)). I am not sure how long it takes to fill a container but I think I will slip a piece of paper into the bank so I will know when I began my saving. If you need change you can always make your change and slip a few dollar bills into the bank. Find a system that works for you! It's nice to have some money to spend on whatever you want.

It took a lot of will power for me to not purchase anything for my hobbies. I already spent enough money and I have a serious collection of things already. This is what kept me from going crazy with those expenditures. But I am very satisfied with the way I used my money. I should get a lot of pleasure from the season pass this summer. I can't wait!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

San Antonio

Well, here I am in San Antonio, Texas enjoying the weather. It's a wonderful seventy degrees and I am having a blast. I spent the day at Six Flags Fiesta, Texas this Saturday and I road two rollercoasters. What fun! I love rollercoasters but I think I am getting too old for them! LOL! I rode one called the The Rattler which is properly named. I felt rattled when I was done. There was a three hour wait to get on this ride. I loved it until the end when it jerked to a stop. You see I had to go to the bathroom (due to the long wait in line plus a bottle of water which was much needed due to the heat) and I almost had an accident! Luckily I didn't! After that I decided to eat and rest a while because I was pretty dizzy. The next ride I tackled was called The Boomerang. This was even better than The Rattler to me! It went upside down twice and then went backwards! Too Cool! I was dizzy and queasy after this ride. This was the last ride I did while I was there. I thought I better stop while I was ahead. Besides I was only interested in the rollercoasters. I bought a season pass and I plan to go back tomorrow to do some of the other rollercoasters I didn't do today. I didn't have enough time to do them all anyway unless you bought the fast pass card which is too expensive in my opinion. It's like buying another ticket to the park.

Yesterday I went to the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. It's very pretty there! It even smells really nice because of all the flowers blooming on the paths. I went to the mall and walked around then I listened to South American band who played native instruments. Then I decided to take the boat ride around the Riverwalk to see what was there. Many shops, restaurants, bars, statues, landscaping and landmarks were to be seen. I used this ride to plot the areas I wanted to visit. But because I went on a Friday night it was very crowded and I spent most of my time trying to find someplace to eat which wasn't too crowded. I wanted to eat outside on the actual Riverwalk but that didn't seem possible without a very long wait. I found a restaurant close to the mall I started in and ate a sensible dinner of friend catfish. Yum!

Here are some wonderful pictures of the Riverwalk with captions
The boats on the Riverwalk offer a wonderful guided tour. The ride is easy and last about 25 minutes long. All the landscaping along the river is beautiful.
This is a hotel which was a school before. The architecture was beautiful. I thought how wonderful it would have been to go to a school on the river like this.
O.K. I have a funny story about this statue. It's a statue of Saint Antonio donated by Portugal. As I stood in front on it about to take a picture I noticed something going on behind it. There was a guy behind there taking a leak! I he said excuse me and ran off! I was standing there with my mouth wide open when this guy patted me on the back and laughed. I guess I had the ultimate look of shock on my face. Geez! What are people thinking! It's a saint for goodness sake! There are bathrooms close by!
Excuse my photo. I was trying to quickly take a picture of this mariachi band serenading this couple on the Riverwalk. It was just starting to get dark. There were many roving bands on the Riverwalk Friday evening. The aviance was wonderful!Here is the famous Alamo. It's located in downtown San Antonio not too far from the Riverwalk. It's very impressive and beautiful. There are many markers of historical significance around the site. I didn't get a chance to go because it was late but I am glad I got a chance to see it.
Well that's all of my photos of San Antonio. I have been working all week so I didn't go sightseeing at all. I just waited for the weekend to enjoy myself.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!