Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finished Chenille Cowl

O.K. Here is my finished chenille cowl! I loved this project! It was very easy and quick to make! Here is my review a la Crimson Purl!
Book - So Simple Crochet
Author - Melody Griffiths for Creative Homeowners
Pattern - Chenille Cowl
Level - Beginner
Time to complete - about four hours
Yarn - Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick, 1 skein each color antique white, khaki and Champagne
Needle size - N
Pro's - It's very easy and quick.

Con's - I never figured out how they got the fringe to twist! Also the pattern is one size fits all which isn't true for us busty women! I had to add several additional rows to the pattern. If I make it again for myself I would increase the stitches at least by five!

Overall this was a fabulous pattern. I will make a few of these to give as gifts this year!

This is my finished KCAL project for the Ebony Elite group. I may have another one to show later this week! This was too fun to make and easy!



Virtuous said...


Came out just your style! It will be a good transition piece too from winter to spring!

giggle @ a la CrimsonPurl ;op

Glad you participated in the E.E. KCAL!!

Adrienne said...

teee hee! Great piece!!!!!

Pajnstl said...

very cute!! lol @ a la crimsonpurl. you did a good job!!

Sheila said...

Lovely and great colors.

Nik said...

Those colors really look great together.

Gayle said...

it turned out great!!

Sheila said...

Hi Cassandra,

How is everything going? Thanks you for the lovely compliment on my blouse. The In the Details is my latest purchase from Palmer/Pletsch and must say its another good DVD.