Friday, May 30, 2008


I snagged this one from Patrice. I thought it would be a fun post to share.

A - Attached or Single: Single

B - Best Friend(s): My many hobby friends out there

C - Cake or Pie: Cake

D - Day of Choice: Sunday the kick back day

E - Essential Item: purse

F - Favorite Color(s):Red

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears

H - Hometown: Chicago

I - Indulgence(s): ski vacations

J - January or July: January

K - Kids: none

L - Life is incomplete without: Hope

M - Marriage Date:Good Question

N - Number of Siblings: 1 brother

O - Oranges or Apples: Apples

P- Phobias or Fears: snakes

Q - Quote: "There is no great loss without some small gain."

R- Ring size: 8 big fingers

S - Season: Fall

T- Tag 3 Friends: Play if you like!

U - Unknown fact about me: I hate to be call Cas!

V - Very favorite stores: TJ Maxx! LOL!

W - Worst Habit: Impulse buying

X-ray or Ultrasound: X-ray

Y - Your Favorite Food(s): It varies I love spicy foods

Z - Zodiac: Taurus

Thing have not been going well for me lately. I have been sick. I thought I was getting better and I relapsed. I am tired with a scratchy throat, coughing and extremely tired. If I am up doing something for 15 minutes I am down for a few hours afterward. I tried to push myself and go to New Jersey for a corporate meeting and ended up in urgent care. Not a good thing. I am now home trying to rest and get back to normal.

I hope everyone out there is doing better than me! LOL!

Big infectious kisses to ya!

Friday, May 16, 2008

An almost perfect week.

This week was definitely a good week for me. Not
only was Sunday my birthday but I had a meeting with a new knitting group very close to home. The group is called "Ewe Can Knit". This group meets at a local yarn shop called "Peggy's Strands of Heaven" which is located in Plainfield, IL. A very nice store.

The owner's is Bridgette. She is the one wearing the purple shirt. Here she is helping someone with a project. She was very friendly and accommodating to our group. If you look behind her we even have a gentleman who finished a knitting project while at our meeting. It was a very pretty shawl. I kind of put my foot in my mouth though. When I first saw the project I thought it was a tree skirt. I really need to think before I open my mouth again. He started it this month and finished it already. He just learned to knit and he is doing a fabulous job in my opinion.

This a project Nettie was working on while we were all knitting. I love the little circles. She is making a vest and is a very accomplished crafter. She had another project with her too and it was really cool. I can't wait to see more of her work.

Here I am (without make-up yucky!) and I am sporting a little scarf I made for a friend for her birthday. I just need to wash and block it before I give it to her. I really like this. It's perfect to wear with a light jacket.

I enjoyed myself meeting with the ladies that evening. I unfortunately can't make the next meeting due to travels for my job but I do like the group a lot.

Last night I had my scrapbook group meeting with the Midwest Scrapaholics of Chicagoland- Wheaton Chapter. They even celebrated my birthday with a cake!

Isn't it pretty! I love birthday cake! This one had tons of frosting too! Yummy! We devoured the whole thing and sat around with a major sugar buzz! LOL!

I didn't get any scrapbooking done. I did work on a page kit but I didn't work on completing a page. You see I am sick. It started out earlier this week with a scratchy throat and now has progressed into a sore throat, congestion and fatigue. Not a good combination. So right now I am drinking theraflu and tea. A small but noticeable blip on my good week.

Hopefully this weekend will be better. I want to work on my sewing really bad. I have my next project planned and ready to go. But I think I will take my sewing machine to a Singer place to see if they can figure out the bobbin issue for me. I really need to have that fixed. So send me some good wishes!

Until the next posting!

Buh Bye!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another day

Well yesterday I took the day off and ran some errands for myself. I was driving home on a major street when a lady on a bike fell into the street in front of me. I stopped and got out to see if she was O.K. She wasn't! She had fallen and hit her head on the ground and she had a gash from her broken glasses and a scraped knee. She seemed to be incoherent and a little off. I helped her up and moved her bike. Another guy saw me helping her and pulled over to check on her too. He actually knew her and wanted to see if she was O.K. We got her together and took her home. He had a truck and he put her bike in his truck and she rode with me (why I didn't understand unless she was more comfortable with me). When she got into the car I figured out why she fell. She was DRUNK! For a moment I thought she was mentally challenged. I guess she was due to inebriation! LOL! She told me she was going home from having lunch and a few drinks. A few drinks I think not! She was very appreciative and wanted to give me some money. I told her it wasn't necessary. DRUNK! I couldn't believe it! It was 1:30 in the afternoon! Good Grief! Sad. But we got her home safely and hopefully she will stay there and sober up!

Well today I have to meet with a new knitting meeting group this evening. It's very close to home and I can't wait to meet the ladies. I am a part of another group but the meet in the afternoon and we all know I have to work. I hope this group continues unlike my sewing group. But we will see. Hopefully I will have some interesting things to share with you later!


One good weekend

Well I am very happy with my weekend. I had plans and they were definitely fulfilled!

On Saturday it was my plan to go to a local sewing center and work on one of my projects. Well, if you read my last post you remember about me venting about scrapbook stores and free crops and people not purchasing during these events. I had to stop and think about that when I was going to the sewing center. I was not planning on buying anything. I have a very limited budget this month and it wasn't going to happen. So I decided not to go to the sewing center on general principle right? But I didn't let it stop me and I worked on my project from home. I am so proud of myself!

I decided to make this top.

I had some very pretty material I bought at Wal Mart I wanted to use. It's a very pretty purple. I think I paid around $2 a yard for it. I knew I didn't need anything fancy for this project. Here are some photos of my garment in progress

This is the pattern piece. It's only one for this project. I had a rough time pinning this fabric because its very stretchy. I had to keep smoothing the pattern and the tissue to make sure I got it correct.

This is the pattern cut out folded and ready to sew. There were only three seams to make for this top.

This is the first seam I worked on. I was supposed to stretch the material as I sewed but I forgot. Also I couldn't get my bobbin winder to work! I was so frustrated. I worked at it and worked at it. Finally I used one of my filled bobbins. I might need to take my machine in for repairs! RATSO!

This is the finished top! I think its cute. Very simple but has a cute style.

I highly recommend this pattern for anyone who is trying to get back to sewing. I made it in less than an hour (including cutting and sewing) and it was a definite feel good project. If I can find more inexpensive material like what I used I will definitely make more. The one downfall would be the edging. You have raw edges with no hemming which means you need to cut very straight. I do plan on going back and using my rotary cutter to clean up a few jagged edges. But overall I think its a good foray back into sewing. I had enough of this material left over to make another one so I will make one for my mom. Here is a cute picture of my mommy.

I spent Mother's Day with her. We went to church and then I went to her house and bought dinner and hung out with her. Unfortunately it rained most of Sunday off and on it was a bit miserable to go out. We had blowing rain. Yucky! But we hung out and watched television and answered many Happy Mother's Day calls and Happy Birthday calls from friends and family. I had my mom to take pictures of me. I don't know why her pictures always come out so crooked and weird. I try and I try and it just seems to get worse! LOL!

I forgot to mention Saturday night my friend Julie had her 50th birthday bash. I went and I was able to see many people I haven't seen for a long time. I usually hang out with my ski club monthly but since I have been traveling so much for work I hadn't been. It was good to see everyone and I received many birthday wishes. It was a great evening. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos. I was too busy eating, drinking and socializing. Too much fun!

Well I do have more crafty updates but I will save them for another time!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Some scrappy goodies

Last night I decided to finish some layouts I had started at my last scrapbook group meeting. I didn't have a lot to do but add titles and journaling. I tend to have issues with my titles and I need some help in this area. But with a little patience I ended up with these completed layouts.

I think the first one is my favorite! It's a photo of my brother Keith from Christmas 2006. The title is Brother's Bling. We call Keith "brother" for a nickname. He received this blingy necklace (he is handicap and tends to like shiny objects) and we put it on him only to have him try to yank it off. We took it off of him and he just sat there admiring it. It's pretty usual for him to do these things. He looked so content I had to snap a picture. The materials used are Tres Jolie papers and "brothers" title in which I added an apostrophe and journaling box. I also used Sizzlets funky brush for the "Bling!" title. The "Bling!" title was made using Bazzill bling brown paper. Overall this was a fun layout to make. I used a layout sketch from a Leaving Prints layout kit I purchased some time ago. Overall this one is definitely my favorite.

Now please excuse the blurry photo. I should have taken another photo but this one will do for now. LMAO! This is another picture of my brother during his meal time. My mom always pins a towel around his neck (he is incredibly messy) and he insists on sitting at the table to eat. I love these papers. I received them as a kit from "The Scrap Addict" scrapbook store in Plainfield, IL. When you attend their crops they will give you free kits sometimes and I received these papers and ribbon. The fonts I used for "dinner" was a accucut die from Memories and Beyond scrapbook store in Downers Grove, IL. The white scrolls are from those Studio G stamps you buy at Michaels and JoAnn's for $1. The white chipboard letters are All My Memories LLC purchased at Archivers and the distressing ink was ColorBox Fluid chalk inkpad. The brads I am not sure of! LOL! I am not crazy about the dinner title but everything else works for me!

Last but not least my Thanksgiving dinner layout. I was not happy with the way this one ended up looking but I refuse to do it over. It's kind of cartoony. But it gets the message across. I used bazzill solid papers, and Flair Designs patterned paper. The font for the title was made using an accucut die from Memories and Beyond Scrapbook Store in Downers Grove. I am not good with embellishments and I wished I had used more flair with this one. I really hated the way the title turned out too. Well my next layouts should be better.

Well this is what I worked on last night. I actually finished the Thanksgiving layout long ago I just hadn't posted it. The other two layouts I needed to finish the titles. I had trouble with the dinner layout because I couldn't figure out how I want to put the "Time" title in there. I finally looked at my Clip It up and found the chipboard letters and I found a font I thought would be perfect and "VOILA". A finished title! I was going to make the "time" title brown but I think the white had more pop. What do you think?
You know the economy is not good right now and it is showing everywhere from gas to food to scrapbook stores. The Scrap Addict (one of my local scrapbook stores) had free crops on Fridays and Saturdays. All you had to do was reserve a spot and you were in. The even had free pasta crops for all day on some Saturdays. Well that has now changed and they require a $15 deposit to reserve a spot and it is returned to you in a store credit to be used that evening. It does not carry over. I wanted to go last night but my budget isn't allowing for it this month. I understand why they are doing it though. I don't think people realize that the stores offer free crops so you will come in and spend your money on merchandise. That's how they are able to have free crops. If you don't buy things they cannot continue to have the free crops. Also when you reserve for a crop you should also do one little thing which is to SHOW UP! I have been to many of their crops where they reserved seating and the croppers never showed or called. What are people thinking? They ruin it for everyone unfortunately? I had to vent a little here because it bugs me a lot when people ruin the fun for everyone else. Oh well. I will go to their crops but not anytime soon. I have some other priorities to work on as well as saving money. The cost of living has shot up and its hitting hard and fast. But luckily I have more than enough supplies (besides the mandatory adhesives which are purchased on a regular basis) to use. I hope to work on more projects at home soon so look for more stuff soon!

Home at last...

I am thinking about being "home at last" like Martin Luther King's famous speech. It sure feels good to be home. I had a wonderful greeting from my roommate/buddy/pet Edgar and I knew I was at home. Luckily I had good flights and no issues. So I do need to be thankful today. I have a busy weekend planned and I can't wait! Tomorrow I will be going to my local sewing store to work on a project I have been planning on doing for some time. My local sewing store has "Escape to Sew" days there every second Saturday of the month. I think this might push me to do some sewing I have been meaning to do for some time. This is also the place I bought my serger. I really need to break it in so I will take that and my sewing machine and work on a project. I am quite excited too!

After that I have a birthday party to attend. It's for a friend's 50Th birthday. My birthday is Sunday so I am going to pretend its my party too! LOL!

On Sunday I have church and I will spend the day at my mother's celebrating her day and my birthday. It should be fun. We don't know what we will do but I am sure it will be something fun. I may have to drag her out of the house but we will do something!

Well I think I have said enough for today. But here is a joke for my friend Patrice. I thought about her as soon as I read it and laughed my butt off!

A guy walked into the local welfare office to pick up his check.
He marched straight up to the counter and said, "Hi. You know, I just
HATE drawing welfare. I'd really rather have a Job."
The social worker behind the counter said, "Your timing is excellent!"
We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a
chauffeur and bodyguard for his beautiful daughter.
You'll have to drive around in his Mercedes, and he'll supply all of
your clothes. Because of the long hours, meals will be provided.
You'll be expected to escort the daughter on her overseas holiday trips
and you will have to satisfy her every need.
You'll be provided a two-bedroom apartment above the garage. The salary
is $200,000 a year."
The guy, wide-eyed, said, "You're lying!!!"
The social worker said, "Yeah, well . . . you started it.

Giggles and Guffaws!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A few days in Corpus Christi

I thought I would share some photos from my hotel room in Corpus Chrisiti. I stayed right on the waterfront and this was the views. There was a harbor with restaurants (unfortunately just chains like Joe's Crab Shack and Landry's) and many boats. It was very humid. My poor hair! LOL!

I also found a great restaurant called The Railroad Seafood Restaurant which had a Happy Hour with $2 margaritas and half off appetizers! They had great seafood appetizers and I thought I would share some food photos. Please excuse the blurriness. I probably need a new camera.

My margarita! Yummy!

This was shrimp and oysters wrapped in bacon with a white wine sauce with onions and mushrooms. Too delicious!

This is my shrimp salad. It was so good! The shrimp were so fresh! Yummy!

Delicious goodies for your eyes! I didn't take pictures of everything I ate! I kept forgetting! LOL! I was pretty hungry most of the time. LOL!

Bon Appetit to your eyes!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Late Weekend Update

Well at least I am posting right? LOL! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was definitely busy to say the least.

On Saturday I had two parties. One party was a child's birthday party. Tyler Selah my friend Marilyn's daughter turned three! She was too cute with her hula swimsuit!

It had a little grass skirt attached! So cute! I took many photos because I plan to make her a small scrapbook for her third birthday. I will post photos as I complete pages. The party was held at an indoor waterpark. It was really nice and all the kids and adults had a great time.

I then left her party went home and changed and had my next party. The picture below is of me, my friend Sue and Rebecca. Sue is getting married this month and so I went to her bachelorette party at Cafe Iberico.

This restaurant is a tapas bar and has great food! I never got a chance to take pictures of any of the food because we were too busy eating! They have some wonderful dishes and if you are ever in downtown Chicago I highly recommend going to this restaurant one evening. It's always crowded but its worth the wait.

We saw at least two other bachelorette parties while we were there. I had no idea this was such a popular place to go for a bachelorette party.

Sue had a wonderful dessert I couldn't help but laugh at! I am sure you will too!
It's ice cream and a glazed banana shaped like....well I guess you can figure it out! They even got more gross and spread whipped cream over her nose and face. I didn't get a picture of that because I was laughing too hard!

A very fun time! I didn't stay past dinner though. I had a flight to catch in the morning and staying out late wasn't something I could do. They went on to a bar then to another bar to watch the bands. I am sure they had a wonderful time!

On Sunday I had to fly to Corpus Christi, Texas. When I arrived in Dallas they needed six people to take another flight. They offered a hotel stay and a $250 voucher. Well it wasn't enough so no one offered to give up their seat. So what they did was take the last six passengers to purchase tickets which included me! This has never happened to me! I was too shocked and slightly miffed! But I regrouped and thought about the positive side which was a $250 voucher for travel. But as time progressed they were able to get me on the flight and I made it to Corpus Christi.

So that was my weekend. I do have some other updates for you regarding my crocheting so be on the look out for another posting soon!