Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another day

Well yesterday I took the day off and ran some errands for myself. I was driving home on a major street when a lady on a bike fell into the street in front of me. I stopped and got out to see if she was O.K. She wasn't! She had fallen and hit her head on the ground and she had a gash from her broken glasses and a scraped knee. She seemed to be incoherent and a little off. I helped her up and moved her bike. Another guy saw me helping her and pulled over to check on her too. He actually knew her and wanted to see if she was O.K. We got her together and took her home. He had a truck and he put her bike in his truck and she rode with me (why I didn't understand unless she was more comfortable with me). When she got into the car I figured out why she fell. She was DRUNK! For a moment I thought she was mentally challenged. I guess she was due to inebriation! LOL! She told me she was going home from having lunch and a few drinks. A few drinks I think not! She was very appreciative and wanted to give me some money. I told her it wasn't necessary. DRUNK! I couldn't believe it! It was 1:30 in the afternoon! Good Grief! Sad. But we got her home safely and hopefully she will stay there and sober up!

Well today I have to meet with a new knitting meeting group this evening. It's very close to home and I can't wait to meet the ladies. I am a part of another group but the meet in the afternoon and we all know I have to work. I hope this group continues unlike my sewing group. But we will see. Hopefully I will have some interesting things to share with you later!



Sheila said...

Glad that the women was ok... but good grief Drunk at 1:oopm in the afternoon. Have fun at the knit meetup.

Pajnstl said...

lmao... drunk huh?! I wouldn't have let her in my car either. I would have been saying "Who do you want me to call?"

Have fun!!

Virtuous said...

How was the knitting group meet-up??