Monday, June 16, 2008

Projects in the works

O.K. here is some fun things I have in the works. The teal fabric will be used to create a very easy jacket M5241. Now that my machine is back in operating condition I will hopefully have it made soon. I am considering doing one project a month this year to get back into the sewing swing. Wish me tons of luck.

I also hit the sale at Michael's for the cotton Lily Sugar n Cream yarn. It was 10 for $10. I went and bought 10 cream one day and then I found a pattern for a really cute shell patterned tank. I went back and bought 10 more skeins of white. I don't know when I am going to make it but when I do I should be well prepared. I also purchased a couple of idea books. I love idea books and I have very few bathroom accessory patterns so this was perfect. I already made two washcloths and I will give these as gifts for Christmas.

I actually started this post two weeks ago while I was in San Antonio. I have been busy and lazy too I must admit. Things have been spinning for me since I got back.

First things first! Tomorrow I will have my air conditioner installed! Woo Hoo! I went two summers in my home without it and it is way overdue! They said installation will take from four to six hours. I can't wait to have cool air in my home.

The next thing would be that I joined a board games group in my local area. I don't know if I ever mentioned how I like to play board games. I thought it would be cool to join a group that does it. They meet twice a week at Barnes and Noble in the evening. I didn't realize they were more focused on playing European style games (most of them I had never heard of before). These were real gamers! LOL! Well I went to a meeting and was talked into playin a game called "Blokus". It's a pretty fast game and I played it twice with a nice group of people. I liked it. The others were playing games with names like Amazona and Magic. I guess I will get a chance to dabble in other games when I join them. Tomorrow I will go and hopefully take some fun pictures.

Last night was my Ewe Can Knit Too Group meeting at Panera Bread. I really like meeting at Panera Bread. There are baked goods, sandwiches, drinks and last but not least WI-FI. I got the girls hooked on reading Stacey's blog. I told them about her reviews of her projects and they were too impressed. I also mentioned the Pattern Review website (since we have sewers too). They bookmarked Stacey's site to visit and read the previous posts. They are very excited. A friend of a friend named Sue also joined us for an evening. My good friend Lori mentioned her friend Sue has started knitting and was looking for something to do. She doesn't live far from me and came to meet us after getting off work. I was glad to see her enjoying herself and making new friends.

I also have been working on my crocheted cardigan I frogged. It's progressing nicely this time. The back and the right front is completed. I started the left front and I am moving along quite nicely if I may say so myself. I hope to have it completed by the end of the weekend (the left front) and started on the sleeves by Monday. If I keep my planned schedule I will probably finish the sweater by the end of July! Whoopee!

Tonight is my scrapbook group get together. We are planning our retreat carpool as well as working on scrapbooking. We are going to a scrapbook retreat in Central Illinois. I don't know what it is called anymore but the Stampin Up demonstrator named Kim Peck has a website to sign up for the retreat. It's from Thursday to Sunday and it includes meals, lodging, scrapbook space and tons of fun. It's $150 for the weekend! What a bargin! I have done this several times with friends are we always have a good time. I am truly looking forward to this again.

Well I have a busy week planned and it looks like Patrice will be visiting my area! I am quite excited. We are going to the Taste of Chicago to eat and have some fun! I can't wait! Stay tuned for the next posting! LMAO!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I finally decided to frog some of my UFO's which were not turning out how they should. I don't know what gets into me and why I do these things to myself. I made two different things a cardigan sweater and a cropped jacket.

The cardigan sweater I had worked on off and on since last summer. I completed the back, two front panels and sleeves. The pattern called for 48 ounces of worsted weight yarn. I had used 60 ounces and I had to buy two more 16 ounce skeins to complete the sleeves which I had to buy a contrasting color because I couldn't match the dye lot. The sweater was going to be huge! I mean seriously huge and I knew that after I finished the back. So someone tell me why I did not stop myself? PLEASE! So now after completing most of it I finally decided to stop and start over from the beginning. That's right! The beginning! I knew I wasn't going to wear it and I didn't want to give it away with the money and time I invested into it. I decided my best bet would be to frog it and start over fresh. But this time I will finish it and it will fit. I already made a sample to test my gauge and I have started fresh.
The crop jacket was very easy but again I made it too large! It was so pathetic I had to take a picture or two so you could get my drift! I made the sleeves about six inches too long! What is wrong with me. The back was large and the front was not properly constructed. Can we all say "HOT MESS"? I should be ashamed. I knew something was wrong in the beginning and I kept going. I need some serious help. None the less I frogged it too! That will be my next crocheted clothing project.

I tried to work on my next sewing project but I needed to fill a bobbin with the proper color thread. This was not working at all! The bobbin winder on my machine would not cooperate. Finally I called my local JoAnn's ( I purchased my machine there about 20 years ago) and asked if they could assist me. The lady in the sewing machine department was nice and told me to bring it in. I did so Saturday afternoon and she had no clue. She had never seen this type of bobbin winder ( I have one with the drop in bobbin winder). She tried though. No luck at all with it. So now I needed to take it in for repairs. I took my sewing machine to Hancock fabrics to have the repairman look at it and he found the issue. Now my machine is working fine. I am ready to start a new project when I return home! Yah!

I am now in San Antonio and I do not expect to be home until Friday or maybe Saturday (it's a longer stay than usual). I can't wait to get home . But the weekend I spent some quality time at the Six Flags waterpark. I had a great time of course and its a wonderful way to spend a very hot Saturday. I also took some time to ride the new rollercoaster called "Goliath". Boy I am getting old! I was so dizzy afterwards! I loved it though but I couldn't even think about doing it again! Funny! I spent Sunday relaxing and catching up on some sleep. A good weekend.

I have big plans when I return home. I will be calling around to have central air installed in my home ( something I should have done a long time ago). If I can get over that one small hurdle I will be good.

I hope everyone is having a great week!