Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend run around...

Well this weekend was a busy one for me. I did a lot and I am happy with the outcome. I must stop shopping though so I can save some money and pay off some bills. I think I have more than enough to keep me busy for a long time.

I also had to pick up my car unfortunately. It stopped on me last weekend and I learned it was the battery. I also had a few other things repaired too. More charges on my credit card! Another reason for me to stop shopping! LOL! But I won't of course.

I went to Hancock fabrics and they had a $1 Butterick pattern sale. I bought two patterns for myself. This pattern is my favorite I think. I want to make the center outfit which consists of a tank, vest and pants. I already purchased some cool material to make the outfit. I really am excited about this one.

I like top A the best. It's actually one piece! Just one friggin piece. I can't wait to try this one for sure. It's at the top of my list. I bought some material at Wal Mart (yes I said Wal Mart). It's a pretty purple knit. I can't wait to try this one. Maybe this weekend?

I also spent Saturday at my monthly TAC (The Angel Company) workshop with my scrapping and stamping buddies. I created a really cute "Girls Night Out" layout. I can't wait to put my pictures in the layout. When I do I will post!

Sunday I spent the day at my Mother's and we went to Vogue Fabrics where I bought the material for my vest, tank and pants outfit. I also bought some material to make a skirt. Another pattern I bought (I am going pattern crazy!).

I have worked on my crocheted cardigan. I have the right side completed but the left side is giving me some issues. It's a mirror of the right side but the instructions are a bit ambiguous. This happens sometimes when I read a pattern. You really have to think or try it both ways to see how it looks. I think I may frog the left side and try it again. I don't like the way it looks. I will take a picture of it and post it tomorrow. Maybe someone could give me a tip or two!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The search

I am in the market for a crafting table for my creative space. I saw this one at Target. It's three pieces and all together it costs $550. I like it a lot. The ends are bookcases which can hold 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. It's a knock off of the pottery barn table. The price does not include the stool or shipping. Target has 15% off too. This is the pottery barn table. It costs $1099 plus $200 for shipping. I always liked this table but I just cannot let go of this much money for a crafting table. I tend to be fickle and I like to change a lot. So I didn't want a table this expensive to end up in my basement unused.

I have to hand it to Pottery barn. They do have some wonderful ideas.

I also found a similar table at Pier 1 Imports. It's smaller and the bookcases on the end would not hold 12 X 12 paper. I liked it but the smaller bookcases are a turn off for me. The price is around $400 and I have a gift certificate for $25 there plus a coupon for 15% off. I could definitely get it more reasonable there but it wouldn't suit my purposes. Phooey!

Here are some of the other things I have for my creative space. These are organizers for my wall. I would keep things like letters, notes and other miscellaneous items I need for crafting.

I was also thinking about putting one in my laundry room too. I bought these at Home Goods. I really like them.
I also have a double 12 x 12 scrapbook page frame I purchased. I thought how cool it would be to have a double 12 x 12 scrapbook page frame. I just happened to be working in Iowa City, IA and the neighboring town called Cedarville has two scrapbook stores. I went into the one called Reminisce and I found it! Of course I snatched it up! I just couldn't leave without it. I plan on doing a double page spread in coordinating colors of my scrapbook room and posting it on my wall somewhere. Here is a photo of the frame.
Well I have plenty of decisions to make. I love the craft tables shown but I have a dilemna. I would rather sit in an executive chair with comfortable padding rather than on a stool. I could manage with the stool but I would rather have the executive chair for comfort. However the style of crafting tables available are not very worthy of my needs. I am considering a small dining room table. I am looking for something aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not just utilitarian. I guess the search will continue until I find something I like.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another project completed

I did it in five days! I am so proud of myself! I completed my baby blanket I started on Tuesday! It was too easy and too fun to make! This pattern is definitely a keeper. I am so glad I bought the yarn for such a good price too. I still have almost two skeins left too. Maybe I can squeeze a pair of booties or something out of the extra yarn. We will see.

Here is the finished project.

I went to JoAnn's on Sunday for their firefly promotion. Great deals on yarn let me tell you! I went in to see about purchasing some yarn (I guess that is what they call this ticker tape stuff) for my cropped jacket project. It costs $7.99 a skein! I was very overwhelmed with the price. I am accustomed to cheap yarn I guess. Anyway I looked at several colors which were nice but I wanted something more neutral or solid to work with. I found a carmel color one for $2.97 a skein! What a bargain. I bought nine skeins.

This looks more like ribbon than yarn. It has a light velvet feel so its very nice to touch. I can't wait to work with it. I thought about starting it on Sunday but I decided against it. I think I will wait to start later this week when I can really devote some time. I also do not want to burn myself out crocheting. Hopefully will complete this quickly.

Saturday was a horrid day for me. I had a few errands to run before I went to my mother's home to spend the weekend with her and my brother. At my last stop I couldn't start my car! I was totally shocked! It wouldn't make a sound! This recently happened to me in September and I had to have the starter replaced. The starter went out again! I was furious. I called AAA and they sent a tow truck which took around four hours to get to me. I was patient but annoyed. The one good thing that came out of it was I finished the blanket. My wonderful friend Jodi came and stayed with me and took me home only to learn I left my house key on the car key ring. I had to call the tow truck guy to wait so I can get the key! Not a great weekend. I arrived home and preceded to nap. I was exhausted waiting in the heat. Later that evening I cut out the pattern for my skirt. It only has three pieces to it. I am getting pretty excited about making this skirt. I think I will shop for some material next weekend to make it. I probably will try to make it the following Saturday. I am feeling very inspired!

Well this was my weekend. I hope everyone had a good one. My wasn't the best but it could have been worse right?

Catch you on the flip side!


Friday, June 15, 2007

A day late and a dollar short

O.K. You guys must forgive me. I told you I wanted to start my Tasteful Thursday's recipe blog this week. It definitely was a great inspiration for me to do since I like to cook but this week was too hectic for me to post. I haven't chosen the exact recipe I wanted nor did I have the time to post it. You see this week I was working close to Wisconsin which should have taken me no longer than an hour and a half to get there. Well on Wednesday it took me almost three hours! Yup you heard that right! Three hours! I was so tired when I got there. I didn't leave the office until six that evening and I arrived home around 7:40. I ate something quickly watched Criminal Minds and crocheted a bit then I went to bed. I didn't turn on my computer that evening. I was exhausted.

The next morning I left 40 minutes earlier. The traffic was much better than Wednesday and I arrived at 9:30. I left around 5pm and went to Wal Mart and picked up some necessities (including some sewing patterns, crochet patterns and a knitting guide). I made another stop and made it home at the same time as Wednesday evening. I then proceeded to sit and watch "The First 48", crochet and go to bed. So now you see why I missed posting my first Tasteful Thursday. I know you understand.

Well after all that I was thinking maybe I will wait until July to start. I will be working at the same office next week so my time will be limited. The following week I will be working with a co-worker so that should take up some time too. I think the first Thursday in July would be best. It's the day after the fourth of July so I should have enough time. So that's our new date! July 5th.

On a more fun note I bought two sewing patterns at Walmart. These are simple and I should be able to complete them in a weekend! I think I will do one a weekend. Now which weekend I don't know! LOL!

This is a really cute skirt. There are three different versions and its very simple but chic. I can't wait to try this one!

This is such a cute top and its so me! I love the angle of the bottom and the flowing sleeves! I think I might make this one first! I am going to try and go through my stash of material before I run out and buy some material for this outfit.

The other things I purchased are idea books for knitting and crocheting.

I found this magazine at JoAnn's. I really liked the cover projects. I like the magazine. I am hoping to find something to make from these.

I found this one at Wal Mart. It has some really cute baby items I can't wait to try. There is also a baby bonnet and booties in this issue! Someone is going to be lucky when I finish this one.

Another cute baby book with several items I would love to attempt! The baby layette has a pullover sweater I think is too cute! I definitely want to try that one!

This one has three crochet projects and one knitting project which is considered easy. We will see about that though!

I have three of the crochet stitching books by this company. I thought I would purchase this one for when I want to start knitting. I love the projects these books offer.

I found this in the clearance area of Wal Mart yesterday. I browsed through it quickly and I liked the projects. It was $7 so I thought what the heck! So this is the last of my idea books from yesterday. It should be for the rest of the year! LOL!

So to end this daily report I thought I would post a picture of my baby blanket in progress. I am working on row 28 out of 32 for this project. I will only have the edging remaining so I am getting very close to done! Maybe I will have it completed by the end of the weekend! Wish me tons of luck!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two new crochet projects

O.K. Here are two new projects I found to do with yarn. I am going to start two back to back. The first one is a baby blanket. I was at JoAnn's on Monday and I found some yarn on sale. It's was $.97 a skein. There was a free pattern on the label so I decided right on the spot to make the blanket.

This is the yarn I purchased. I bought an extra skein just in case. If I have one left over I will make something return it and buy some yarn for my next project.

The blanket is worked over with a V-stitch pattern. It's very simple and I hope to have it done soon. Here is a link to the instructions Lion Brand Homepun Baby Baby Blanket

I started this Tuesday evening while watching television. I already used one skein of yarn and I am on row twelve. It's very easy. I can't wait to finish it and move on to my next project. I think I will be able to complete it very soon.

Here is the second project. It's a crochet cropped jacket using Moda Dea yarn. It's the same stitch as the baby blanket, Isn't it beautiful! I love it a lot. I think this would be a great first try at couture for adults for me. I am quite excited. I haven't purchased the yarn yet for this one. I plan on doing it next week when JoAnn's has Firefly sale.

Please wish me tons of luck on this project. I am hard to size so it will be a challenge to get it done. I am actually going to test my gauge on this (something I never do with baby items). I can't wait to go back and find the yarn for this one. Here is a link to the pattern Moda Dea Crochet Cropped Jacket

Well I have started this week off with some fun projects. I can't wait to finish them.
Wish me tons of luck!

Completed baby blanket

Well I took the purple crocheted edging off my blanket last night. I couldn't stand it anymore! It was staring at me and I was getting annoyed. So while I sat watching the Law & Order marathon I decided to take the purple edging off. It was a bit hard to find where I weaved in yarn at the end but I found it. I guess I did a terrific job of finishing. LOL

Here is the finished baby blanket. I like it a lot. I need to wash and block it and find some buttons to put on the cardigan and hat. I will show the finished project later.

Now I need to find another project to move onto from this set. I was thinking of another baby cardigan but I think I am babied out now. LOL. I also looked at some socks and also a cardigan or sweater. I have never completed a sweater. I started one but I took it down because I realized it was really going to be very large. I own many patterns which I have been browsing through my stash since Saturday. I just don't know what I should move onto next. I was thinking about finishing a project I already started but I can't remember which hook I used so I may take it apart and do something else with the yarn. We will see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Monday, June 11, 2007

Great Weekend!

I had another productive weekend. First, Friday evening I finished my blanket I was crocheting. At least I thought I had. I goofed. I used some purple yarn to go around the edge of the blanket. It looked very nice. But I edged the hat and jacket which is the rest of the set in blue. I didn't realize this until Sunday. I felt like an idiot. Now I need to remove the edging and redo it in blue. It's not hard but I really thought I was through and I was ready to wash and block my finished project. Oh well. At least it did not take me long. LOL Here is my blanket.

It's nothing fancy just a single crocheted blanket with two rows of PURPLE single crocheted edging. What a goof I am.

Anyway Saturday I spent the day at Windy City Scrapbooks with the ladies of the Mocha Memories Scrapbook Club. This was my first time meeting these wonderful ladies in person. I had a very good time. I also had a very productive day. We scrapped from 10am to 6pm and I worked on five layouts. I have very little more to do to one of them but I finished this small album for my mother to give as a gift to her friend. Here are some of the pages

She was doing the electric slide with other members of her group. The background paper is bazzill along with the green paper at the top. Also I used some Miss Elizabeth (dollar store packs of paper) patterned paper. I used the AMM template for my swirls and I used some floss to stitch. I added some rhinestones too. The chipboard letters are some leftovers I had from another layout. I used the negative because I didn't have enough letters and I backed the negative with some beautiful glitter paper I bought at the store. I believe the pink ribbon was from a swap. Too much fun with this one for words.

This is my mother's friend with her husband. They are a lovely couple. Very nice and outgoing. They stay busy! I used all the same things as the above layout plus my script alphabet for the letters. I also inked the edges. There is a little chipboard I added too.

This is a bit of a scraplift from another layout I have made from a TAC class I took from my friend Marisa. I loved the layout and I thought I could crop the photos to make an 8 X 8 layout. I think it turned out well.

My Mom isn't the greatest of photographers. I tried to hide all the unnecessary space with some cardstock and I think it came out pretty good. I should have inked the edges in hindsight. But overall I think it turned out well.

This is all but one of my layouts completed on Saturday. I didn't post the last one because it needs a little something. As soon as I complete it I will post my layout.

Here is a picture of the Mocha Memories ladies we took at the store. If you are ever in Chicago and you scrapbook you want to make sure you visit this store! I spent like $76 there. I was so bad. But alas I did not beat my friend Kim. She knows she is a shopaholic. It must be nice.

On Sunday I went to church and visited with my Mom. It was a nice and restful day. My aunt came by and we went out and came back and relaxed. By the time I arrived home I was ready for bed.

So stay tuned for more crocheted projects, Tasteful Thursdays, scrapbook layouts and possibly some personal adventures.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Midweek Scrapbook Evening

I belong to a scrapbook group through called the Midwest Scrapaholics of Chicagoland. We had a two year anniversary Tuesday at Memories and Beyond scrapbook store in Downers Grove, IL. This is a wonderful store with lots of products, classes and service. The owner allows our group to scrap until 10 pm on the first Tuesday's of each month. For our two year anniversary she allowed us to stay until midnight. Of course most of us had to go to work the next day but we were not going to miss out on such a wonderful treat. I scrapped until 11:30 pm and I left at Midnight. I completed ONE page. LOL Here it is.

This is a picture of my mother's good friend. She met her at nursing school and she is the most wonderful person.

I used some bazzill cardstock for the green and the patterned paper I purchased at a dollar store. I stitched the Nurse onto the layout using Scapper's floss by Karen Foster. The date is a font called Recess which was an Accucut die provided by my LSS. The envelope was made from a paper flair envelope template. My friend gave me the ribbon (or I picked it up from her stash to use LOL). The flourish stamps on the nurse title are Studio G dollar stamps found at Michaels. Oh and this is a 8 X 8 page. I usually scrap 12 x 12 but I like this format too.

I can't believe this is all I accomplished that evening. But take into account socializing, eating (we all brought something to share), shopping ( I didn't purchase anything because I couldn't find what I wanted) and organizing. I do however love the outcome of this layout. My mom asked me to do a small album for her friend as a gift.

O.K. I did stay until Midnight got home and went to bed. I had the most horrible night's sleep. It's was terrible! I get up at 6 am and walk around my neighborhood and I did this and went to work. That afternoon I went to lunch (I went for Thai food) and did a bit of shopping at TJ Maxx. While shopping my stomach starting to bother me. I finished my purchases and hurried back to the office where I spent too much time in the bathroom (if you get my drift). I ended up leaving the office a bit early. I believe this happened because of my lack of sleep and spicy food I ate for lunch (which was very good). I will not do the midnight scrap evening again if I go to work the next day.

But back to more pleasant things. I think I am going to have a recipe day each week. I like to cook (or maybe I just love eating and cooking is a great way to get what I want for cheap). I had a cooking club at my old job and it was so much fun! We had many people of varied ethnic backgrounds to join and share great recipes. I learned about so many cool dishes! So starting next week I will begin a blog entry dedicated to a great recipe. It will be called Tasteful Thursdays! Stay tuned!

As for my crocheting project it is coming along very nicely! I am almost through with my second skein of yarn. I am confused now on how long to make it. I think I will show my Mom and ask her how long she believes it should be. It's pretty wide already so length is now my concern. I will post a picture of it the next time I update.

I hope everyone has a blessed day and wonderful week!


Monday, June 4, 2007


I often have so many things planned I get myself overwhelmed and I end up doing something else. This happens more than I really would like to admit. But this weekend I finally pushed myself to do something I have been meaning to do for some time. I have been working on my den in my home since the beginning of the year. I wanted to make it my creative space. I decided what color I wanted the walls and how I wanted to keep some of my belongings.

In January I painted my walls this color. It's gorgeous. It's the same color as my couch. It was hard to color match but I was able to find the exact color at Lowes. It took two coats but I finally got it painted! I was so happy. I now want some crown molding but that will come later. I had all my things sitting in the living room and all over the dining room table for months. I am so glad I finally moved (most) things back in.

I was absolutely dying to get a computer armoire. I wanted to tuck away my computer and all the hideous cords that come with it. I wanted something nice but not too expensive. I looked high and low and I ended up at Ikea. Now I don't know about you but I like Ikea but its not what I would call upscale merchandise. I wanted something really nice. A one of a kind piece. But if you know me I am really too cheap to buy something expensive. I am also always changing my mind too! I'm terrible. But I finally found some pieces I wanted and I bought them from Ikea and assembled them. I must tell you. I don't mind assembly but make sure I have everything I am supposed to have in the box! Geez You would think that would be easy for Ikea. My computer armoire came with everything but the INSTRUCTIONS. I was so annoyed. But I called their customer service and they were able to email me the instructions. I was so happy. I had a wonderful friend named Gayle to assist me in putting it together and I finished putting all the shelves inside myself. I am very proud of my piece. Here it is.

I like it a lot and it goes with my color scheme well. This has been together since early April but I didn't put in my computer. It was a big hassle to take it down and put it back together. I have lots of peripherals to hook up. Also every time I disconnect my printer I have to uninstall and install the drivers. It's a pain.

Here is a before picture of my room. This is how my room looked after I moved most of my stuff back inside. Not too bad but not good. I didn't have a place to scrap.

That's my old Ikea corner unit desks and printer table put together in the middle of the room. I decided to have it face the windows so I can see out. Not a good layout and it was not aesthetically appealing. I want to get rid of both corner units and the printer table. I have already given one away to my friend. I am keeping the other until I get a really nice table for my projects. The bookcase is Ikea and its the same design as the armoire. To your right are my scrapbook paper and file carts. I like these a lot! You can move them anywhere. What you see around is my mess. I had stuff including my laptop bag in the middle of the floor! I need a lot of space for sorting.

I also decided to go get the secretary for the room too. Here is a picture of the secretary. It's the same design as the armoire and bookcase.

I really like this piece. I use it to store my scanner I use for work. I have two scanners and one has a document feeder which allows me to scan multiple pages at a time. My personal scanner you have to put each page on one at a time. Too time consuming!

Here is a picture of it open. Remember I haven't arranged things neatly yet. LOL

Slowly but surely my room is coming together. I did most of this over the weekend. I am very proud of myself. I have already taken one desk apart and the other will remain with the printer stand until I find a table I would like to use. Here is a photo of the corner computer desk and printer stand by the window. This is where I will scrap until I find that perfect table.

What you see in the corner are my carts. This is temporary. I will move them to the side of my new table whenever I get it.

O.K. Now I will show you the end result! I love my room for now. I have curtains and a rod I need to install but I will wait until the weekend after next to do it when I have nothing planned. This weekend I have an all day crop with my Mocha Memories pals. I plan on going to church on Sunday and visiting my Mom so I won't even think about doing much around the house.

This is my computer armoire with my computer moved in! I love it. I just wish I had a tray to pull my printer out. But it will do for now. When I am not using the computer I will just close the doors! No unsightly mess! Woo Hoo.

Here is a view of my new room from the foyer! I have double doors as an entrance. I love it. I think the color is wonderful too!Over in the corner is my curtain rod to be installed. Later on that!
I do plan on purchasing another bookcase like the one you see and two narrow bookcases in the same style to go on the right of the bookcase you see and one to the left of the computer armoire! I have tons of books and other scrapbooking stuff to store! But all that takes money and I need to make some money to finish the room. But I am quite pleased with my productivity!

Thanks for looking!


Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Crocheting Binge

Lately I have had the crocheting bug attack me. I learned to crochet as a kid but I never knew how to follow a pattern or the names of the stitches. I learned when I was an adult and now I am hooked (love the pun?). I must say I do have my moments in which I do a lot of crocheting and then I drop off for an extended period to do something else. I now have the binge and I am enjoying myself immensely!

I have a few projects to show in which I have found some satisfaction in creating. I follow the patterns but I may change some detail at another point. Here are some of my creations!

This is the pattern I found at Lion Brand Yarn website It's very easy and was fun to make. Here are my verisons of this set.

This hasn't been finished. I need to wash, block and add the buttons to the outfit. But I like how it turns out.

This is the blanket I am making to coordinate with the cardigan and bonnet. I do not like to make blocks when crocheting. The pattern while simple was not very appealing to me. So I decided to make a simple single crochet blanket to go with the outfit. The blanket at this point is about half completed. I may make it longer but who knows!

This is a blanket I designed myself. It's nothing special in the design department. I just did not feel like following a pattern. It's three rows single crochet and three rows double crochet all the way through. I then went around the edge with a row of single crochet then a row of half double crochet and then the last row was a single crochet row all in white. My Mom thinks I should have used another color for the edge. She felt something darker would have been nicer. I think I agree but its finished now!

This is a scarf I made some years back. This was a really cool yarn. It was gold with a metallic gold thread running through. I loved it! I found this pattern in a crochet stitch book purchased at Wal Mart. It was easy and very quick! I should do this one again!

I like to just crochet when it hits me. I usually don't make things specifically for people. If I do they do not know its coming! I don't do requests! LOL! I have some perfectionist tendencies that really get in the way of my enjoyment of my hobbies. If I am expected to do something I get tense trying to make it so perfect I end up putting it away and not finishing it. So what I do is crochet whatever I want and put it away until I have an event (baby shower, birthday, housewarming, etc.) and I give it away as a gift.

Anyway I hope you enjoy some of my little projects! They were fun to make as well as to share with you!