Monday, June 4, 2007


I often have so many things planned I get myself overwhelmed and I end up doing something else. This happens more than I really would like to admit. But this weekend I finally pushed myself to do something I have been meaning to do for some time. I have been working on my den in my home since the beginning of the year. I wanted to make it my creative space. I decided what color I wanted the walls and how I wanted to keep some of my belongings.

In January I painted my walls this color. It's gorgeous. It's the same color as my couch. It was hard to color match but I was able to find the exact color at Lowes. It took two coats but I finally got it painted! I was so happy. I now want some crown molding but that will come later. I had all my things sitting in the living room and all over the dining room table for months. I am so glad I finally moved (most) things back in.

I was absolutely dying to get a computer armoire. I wanted to tuck away my computer and all the hideous cords that come with it. I wanted something nice but not too expensive. I looked high and low and I ended up at Ikea. Now I don't know about you but I like Ikea but its not what I would call upscale merchandise. I wanted something really nice. A one of a kind piece. But if you know me I am really too cheap to buy something expensive. I am also always changing my mind too! I'm terrible. But I finally found some pieces I wanted and I bought them from Ikea and assembled them. I must tell you. I don't mind assembly but make sure I have everything I am supposed to have in the box! Geez You would think that would be easy for Ikea. My computer armoire came with everything but the INSTRUCTIONS. I was so annoyed. But I called their customer service and they were able to email me the instructions. I was so happy. I had a wonderful friend named Gayle to assist me in putting it together and I finished putting all the shelves inside myself. I am very proud of my piece. Here it is.

I like it a lot and it goes with my color scheme well. This has been together since early April but I didn't put in my computer. It was a big hassle to take it down and put it back together. I have lots of peripherals to hook up. Also every time I disconnect my printer I have to uninstall and install the drivers. It's a pain.

Here is a before picture of my room. This is how my room looked after I moved most of my stuff back inside. Not too bad but not good. I didn't have a place to scrap.

That's my old Ikea corner unit desks and printer table put together in the middle of the room. I decided to have it face the windows so I can see out. Not a good layout and it was not aesthetically appealing. I want to get rid of both corner units and the printer table. I have already given one away to my friend. I am keeping the other until I get a really nice table for my projects. The bookcase is Ikea and its the same design as the armoire. To your right are my scrapbook paper and file carts. I like these a lot! You can move them anywhere. What you see around is my mess. I had stuff including my laptop bag in the middle of the floor! I need a lot of space for sorting.

I also decided to go get the secretary for the room too. Here is a picture of the secretary. It's the same design as the armoire and bookcase.

I really like this piece. I use it to store my scanner I use for work. I have two scanners and one has a document feeder which allows me to scan multiple pages at a time. My personal scanner you have to put each page on one at a time. Too time consuming!

Here is a picture of it open. Remember I haven't arranged things neatly yet. LOL

Slowly but surely my room is coming together. I did most of this over the weekend. I am very proud of myself. I have already taken one desk apart and the other will remain with the printer stand until I find a table I would like to use. Here is a photo of the corner computer desk and printer stand by the window. This is where I will scrap until I find that perfect table.

What you see in the corner are my carts. This is temporary. I will move them to the side of my new table whenever I get it.

O.K. Now I will show you the end result! I love my room for now. I have curtains and a rod I need to install but I will wait until the weekend after next to do it when I have nothing planned. This weekend I have an all day crop with my Mocha Memories pals. I plan on going to church on Sunday and visiting my Mom so I won't even think about doing much around the house.

This is my computer armoire with my computer moved in! I love it. I just wish I had a tray to pull my printer out. But it will do for now. When I am not using the computer I will just close the doors! No unsightly mess! Woo Hoo.

Here is a view of my new room from the foyer! I have double doors as an entrance. I love it. I think the color is wonderful too!Over in the corner is my curtain rod to be installed. Later on that!
I do plan on purchasing another bookcase like the one you see and two narrow bookcases in the same style to go on the right of the bookcase you see and one to the left of the computer armoire! I have tons of books and other scrapbooking stuff to store! But all that takes money and I need to make some money to finish the room. But I am quite pleased with my productivity!

Thanks for looking!



Kim said...

Cas, everything looks great. I know you are happy to have it done. I'll see you saturday.

Adrienne said...

It looks GREAT!!! Wow, you've been busy!

Lynne said...

Poped on over from Adrienne's blog. You really have been busy - what a great job. I need to find time to do that to my space but i end up rather working on projects instead of cleaning and

Jude said...

Hey Cassandra! I am popping over from Adrienne's blog to say hello. I love the wall color in your new room, it is beautful.Your set up looks nice, have fun creating!!

LuLu said...

Congrats - great job!

You've inspired me to RE-organize my scrapping studio for the Nth time!