Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Crocheting Binge

Lately I have had the crocheting bug attack me. I learned to crochet as a kid but I never knew how to follow a pattern or the names of the stitches. I learned when I was an adult and now I am hooked (love the pun?). I must say I do have my moments in which I do a lot of crocheting and then I drop off for an extended period to do something else. I now have the binge and I am enjoying myself immensely!

I have a few projects to show in which I have found some satisfaction in creating. I follow the patterns but I may change some detail at another point. Here are some of my creations!

This is the pattern I found at Lion Brand Yarn website It's very easy and was fun to make. Here are my verisons of this set.

This hasn't been finished. I need to wash, block and add the buttons to the outfit. But I like how it turns out.

This is the blanket I am making to coordinate with the cardigan and bonnet. I do not like to make blocks when crocheting. The pattern while simple was not very appealing to me. So I decided to make a simple single crochet blanket to go with the outfit. The blanket at this point is about half completed. I may make it longer but who knows!

This is a blanket I designed myself. It's nothing special in the design department. I just did not feel like following a pattern. It's three rows single crochet and three rows double crochet all the way through. I then went around the edge with a row of single crochet then a row of half double crochet and then the last row was a single crochet row all in white. My Mom thinks I should have used another color for the edge. She felt something darker would have been nicer. I think I agree but its finished now!

This is a scarf I made some years back. This was a really cool yarn. It was gold with a metallic gold thread running through. I loved it! I found this pattern in a crochet stitch book purchased at Wal Mart. It was easy and very quick! I should do this one again!

I like to just crochet when it hits me. I usually don't make things specifically for people. If I do they do not know its coming! I don't do requests! LOL! I have some perfectionist tendencies that really get in the way of my enjoyment of my hobbies. If I am expected to do something I get tense trying to make it so perfect I end up putting it away and not finishing it. So what I do is crochet whatever I want and put it away until I have an event (baby shower, birthday, housewarming, etc.) and I give it away as a gift.

Anyway I hope you enjoy some of my little projects! They were fun to make as well as to share with you!



Adrienne said...

Very, very nice!!!!

Kim said...

Love your project, can't wait to see more. Sorry I am going to miss you on tuesday.