Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Completed baby blanket

Well I took the purple crocheted edging off my blanket last night. I couldn't stand it anymore! It was staring at me and I was getting annoyed. So while I sat watching the Law & Order marathon I decided to take the purple edging off. It was a bit hard to find where I weaved in yarn at the end but I found it. I guess I did a terrific job of finishing. LOL

Here is the finished baby blanket. I like it a lot. I need to wash and block it and find some buttons to put on the cardigan and hat. I will show the finished project later.

Now I need to find another project to move onto from this set. I was thinking of another baby cardigan but I think I am babied out now. LOL. I also looked at some socks and also a cardigan or sweater. I have never completed a sweater. I started one but I took it down because I realized it was really going to be very large. I own many patterns which I have been browsing through my stash since Saturday. I just don't know what I should move onto next. I was thinking about finishing a project I already started but I can't remember which hook I used so I may take it apart and do something else with the yarn. We will see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!