Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well I am back in Texas for another ten days on work. I am in the Houston area doing the job and enjoying some good cajun cuisine! I had a chance to dine at Razzos & Pappadeux this week and I am mighty satisfied! I think I gained about ten pounds! I must find something to do which requires lots of sweating to work some of it off!

Right now I am in Hempstead, TX in a hotel basically in the middle of nowhere! LMAO! This actually could be a good thing. It keeps me from spending too much money at the stores! I need some help in that department. I bought myself a blouse yesterday while I was in the Houston area. I don't want to start shopping while here. I almost have my credit card paid off!

Anyway I bought the latest issue of Sew Stylish. What a wonderful issue! I am feeling inspired as I read each article. They discuss basic draping, handstitching, dress forms and much more. I can't wait until I get home so I can make my own dressform. The duct tape has already been purchased I just need someone to help me with the taping process. I know I have talked a good game about sewing but nothing has been started or completed. My plans keep changing and things happen but at sometime there will be a completed project! Just you wait!

As for my crocheting I am at a stand still. I didn't bring any of it with me. I like to crochet on the road but sometimes it can be a bit much to bring. My last project the chenille cowl was easy but the yarn was bulky and took up a lot of luggage space. I did start another chenille cowl but I have yet to finish it. It can wait until I return of course. I still have two other unfinished crochet projects. Hopefully they will be completed soon.

The only thing I will be working on during this trip will be my Photoshop elements tutorial book. I can't wait to learn how to correct my photos. Look out for some digital layouts soon!

Well I think this update should be sufficient for now.

Holler at ya later!


Adrienne said...

I am going to get that issue tomorrow!

Plotter said...

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Virtuous said...

Gurl I have yet to try Pappadeux, been meaning to for YEARS! But haven't been in the region where the chains are located in awhile.

And there is ALWAYS room for knitting/crocheting when traveling!! LOL I makes it work gurl! Haha! ;op

Sheila said...

Crocheting at a standstill - how dare I haven't crocheted in a while, well except from finishing my knit projects, but I haven't done any real crocheting and have yet to finish my daughter's tunic. Thanks for the heads up on Sew Stylish.