Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October in New York


I am in New York again this week. I flew into Syracuse and drove to Utica on Sunday. It was a good flight and a good drive. Thankfully it was later in the evening so I made it to the hotel and watched some television and went to sleep.

The next day I went to perform my audit and left Utica to go to a town called Oneonta in New York. But before I could do this I knew there was an AC Moore was in town so I had to stop. I mapquested the directions to AC Moore and then to Oneonta. The trip to AC Moore was a big success. I bought a tote (I have one just like it at home) and some scrapbook paper and embellishments for my Orlando trip. I got a fantastic deal on the tote! It was $14.99 and it was usually $50! I have one at home just like it and I am so excited to have another! Too cool!

Here is a picture of my tote!

After my purchases I left and went to Super Walmart for some necessities. I have sort of an addiction to Super Wal Mart. There aren't many of these in the Chicagoland area. They are actually building one less than five minutes from my house. I am too excited! I can go here and browse every day. Anyway, I go and load up on flavored water (my favorite), lean cuisine entrees (I try to maintain my diet while away), utensils and low calorie treats for the week. I also purchase magazines (another addiction during travel) and toothpaste (which I forgot).

Finally I leave Super Walmart to go to Oneonta, NY. Now I mentioned I mapquested it right? I don't have GPS in my car ( I only had it once and it was cool). Now if you ever used mapquest you know sometimes the directions can be off or a bit confusing or just plan silly. This was one of those moments. Oneonta is a town which is southeast of Utica. This area of New York is very rural. I mean farms and farms and more farms. I am pretty darn good with directions. I usually can find my way anywhere. I may get turned around or confused but I always figure it out. This area of New York had my radar totally off. The reason being was the lack of road signs in the area. The mapquest directions gave me street names and route names. I saw none of these while I drove through a certain area. I drove forever without reaching a town with a store. I had no idea where I was and there were only homes. I wasn't worried just confused. All these roads with no signs! What the heck was that about? I finally reached a town called Edmeston and saw a store. I bought some candy ($1000 bar when I really wanted a twix) and asked for help. I gave the lady my directions and she told me I was way off! Well I knew something was wrong. She wrote down the directions and I took off. I finally got to my hotel but I was very tired and frustrated. That is the worse driving experience I have ever had before in my career. I have never been so confused in my life and I don't appreciate it. I think I may write the State of New York Department of Transportation and let them have a piece of my mind. I have driven all over Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey and other states with little to no problem. I never encountered so many streets without names or route signs before. Not good.

Anyway I purchased a map today and I didn't need it. But I do have to go north of Syracuse so I want to make sure I get out of this area for sure. LOL! I had no trouble getting to the town of Norwich today. I then go to Earlville, New York for work in the morning. When I leave Earlville I will move onto Pulaski, New York where I have a hotel reservation and then work in a town called Mexico on Thursday. I then leave there and I will stay close to the airport in a town called Livingston. Then I am on my way home! Yippee! This will be the end of my business trips to New York for the rest of the year.

The leaves are changing and I must say New York is a beautiful state in the fall. The mountains and rolling hills are all fall calico colors. Very nice. I want to take some pictures when I have the chance. It's late now but hopefully tomorrow I will get some.

When I return home on Friday I will pick up my kitty Edgar! Then I can return home finish up some work then attend a free scrapbook cropping event at the Creating Studio. I will meet my friends Becky and Jodi there and have a great night. The name of the store is the Scrappin Deals but it isn't exactly a store. It's an online store and she has a crop area. This place isn't set up to be a store. She stores her iventory at the business park and has a very nice studio in which she has crops. You can buy any supplies you need and if you order something (since I live in the area) you can pick it up. Really nice. I went to an open house here and I liked the place. Now I am attending a "free" crop so I hope I like it. I would love to find another place to crop.

I also found another scrapbook store in Plainfield, IL this weekend. It's called the Scrap Addict. It's a nice store and they have free crops too. I can't get enough of the free crops. I must attend a crop here too. I am thinking November! I am sure I can find some friends to attend.

Well I have been busy and I needed to update everyone. Hopefully this is enough news about my life for you to enjoy or fall asleep reading.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Adrienne said...

LOL!I'm still awake!! Mapquest CAN be silly sometime! Glad you are having a good trip!

Virtuous said...

I made it to the end too! Haha!
So glad you had the chance to update!

I can't (but actually can) believe there aren't any Walmarts in Chicago!

Great find @ AC Moore!

And I only use randmcnally.com! :op
But all of them can be unreliable!

Sheila said...

You are definitely a driving Diva, to manuver around upstate New York - which is total farmland. Glad you were able to get lucky in AC Moore.

PAJNSTL said...

I guess I shouldn't put all my trust in mapquest huh?!

Glad you found a moment to update, can't wait to see your pics!