Friday, August 3, 2007

Miss me?

It's been one of those weeks. I miss posting. But I have been very busy and tired. I must get back to exercising again. It helped a lot. Now I get home and sit on the couch and watch television. But the heat hasn't given me much option either. I don't have central air yet and its brutal.

Well here is my weekend in review. I went to Arkansas for my family reunion. My Mom wanted an early flight so we had a flight at six in the morning. Here is my recommendation. DON'T DO IT! You have to get up very early in the morning (like 3 am) to make your flight (depending on how far you are from your airport). Flying out of O'Hare is very sketchy at times so I try to arrive around an hour and a half before. By the time we made it to Arkansas and drove to the hotel our room was not ready. We had to kill time until 1pm! We arrived at 10 am. Mind you we had been up since 2:30 am and I didn't go to bed until midnight. We were tired and there wasn't much to do in town but go to Wal Mart, Sonic for hamburgers and to the birthplace of Clinton. We also visited my mother's brother and then we were able to go our room. Anyway the reunion was the same as always. We sat around and chatted with relatives and then we ate. Everything is focused around food. I was MC for the bingo and raffle and then I sat around and chatted with family and crocheted. The trip ended on a sour note though. I lost my cell phone at the airport. Bummer!

While on my trip I did work on my new cardigan. It wasn't coming along well at all. I am good at the stitching but my tension is way off. It goes from lose to tight as I work. You can see the shaping change. I was almost through with a sixteen once skein when I decided to start over. I then started over again and unraveled ten rows! I kept getting tighter as I went. This is my one major problem with crocheting. TENSION! Everytime I pick up a project I change tension. You should see some of my completed blankets. Terrible tension. But now that I recognize the problem I make sure my tension remains the same. This last go has been pretty good. The yarn is really nice too.

Anyway I am a bit sad this month. I will not be around for my monthly scrapbook meetings. I will be out of town for work. Boo Hoo! But I have decided to work on my digital scrapbooking which shouldn't take as much gear as regular scrapbooking. I have wanted to learn more and I have all the materials to do so. I can do it on an airplane, restaurant, airport or hotel room without a lot of stuff. Perfect! I just can't wait to get started. I should have three weeks of practice by the end of the month. Look for links to the pages.

I also received my ski club trip information for the 2007-2008 season. The ski clubs posts their trips and allow people to sign up at what they call "Trip Kick Offs" during August. This allows people to schedule far in advance and to start paying for their winter trips. Great deal especially for me. One of my ski clubs (out of two) will be going to Japan for a week! I really want to go but the $2000 price will keep me from attending. I was considering pushing the finances but I think I will just pass (unless I win the lottery) at the moment! Another ski club will be going to Switzerland. That one costs $1375 but it includes meals! The Japan trip includes the airfare, lodging and trip to the hotel. The Switzerland is the same but with meals. Neither offers the lift tickets because people can decide for themselves how often they would prefer to do skiing or whether they will do any skiing. Some people who are in a ski club do not ski but go on the trips and go sightseeing. This is very common and the ski clubs get terrific deals on travel. I have decide though at this point to only go on a trip to Winter Park this December. It's $550. More in my price range. That should be sufficient for me. I get to have a bit of fun and the price also includes lift tickets. I have to pace myself or win the lottery soon.

Well tomorrow I plan on posting a surprise for everyone to see. Stay tuned and check back later in the evening!

See ya later gators!


Virtuous said...

Of course we missed you!! OMG! I can't believe you don't have central AC! Here in the south that is NOT an option!
I didn't realize you live in Chicago area. You know I am from Racine, WI :oD Born & raised!!

So glad you had a nice time on your trip - aside from the crack of dawn flight & losing your cell. You will get an even better one!

Yep well I am glad you are recognizing that it is your tension as well. Some knitters switch up methods to help with their tension. i.e. Knit American/English, but Purl Continental/German - food for thought

Wow! Thoses trips sound wonderful!! But Switzerland the best! Are there any chocolate people on these ski trips? LOL Where do you hear about them?

I am actually trying to plan on going to South Africa in March, but I gotta start making my payments NOW so it will be affordable for me too!

Welcome Back!

Adrienne said...

Welcome back to blogging!! You ahve a LOT going on girl!! Hope you are relaxing this weekend!