Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rockin in Rockford

I know what you are thinking. What the heck is in Rockford that's rockin! Well I believe life is what you make of it. Hopefully you can do the same. I am working in Rockford, IL this week and I love to go on my Scrapbook store and Yarn store crawl through the area.

Yesterday I went to a local scrapbook store called Memories Ink on State Street here in Rockford. I met the owner when the store was located in Sycamore, IL. Great store and lots of cool products. Well she invited me back today to come and scrapbook. She will be open later tonight since she has a beginners class and told me I should come and have some fun. I took her up on her offer and I can't wait to go. Since I am missing my scrapbook meet-up group today this would be a great fill in. I do have my pictures on disk and I can use some of her supplies and buy whatever I need. This is going to be so much fun! I actually have some unfinished layouts in my car too. Hopefully I will have some fun projects to show you tomorrow.

I also went to another scrapbook store here in Rockford called Captured Moments Scrapbook Superstore. I love it when stores call themselves a superstore. It makes you think you are going to this humongous store with millions of dollars of merchandise and crop space. Mind you this is a terrific store. It's just not as large as you would think with this name. Here is a picture of the store.

Anyway I had a blast! I went and spent too much money as always but I found some cool stuff. I bought three really cute 8 x 8 albums for $3.99 each. I have seen these around and they regularly cost $19.99! I wasn't going to walk away from that price. Here is a photo!

I also purchased a really cool stamp pad storage crate I can hang on the wall in my creative space. It was inexpensive and it was made out of cardboard. I will alter it when I get the time and store my stamps in it! I can' t wait. Here is a picture of the one in the store.

I also went to Borders and bought an Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 classroom in a book to help with my digital scrapbooking. I really need to learn how to use the program better so I can fix my older photos and use the program to its full advantage. I plan on doing a lot of this when I travel to New York for work. I will spend a lot of my evenings and a weekend learning photoshop. I bought something for crocheting too. It's a tips and trick book for your crocheting issues. I really needed that. I do plan on taking my crocheting with me to New York too. I have already scouted the yarn stores in the cities I will be visiting to make sure I hit them all. I plan on taking pictures of them all to post on the blog.

Well today I plan on going to a yarn store here in town. I would have visited yesterday but it closed a 5pm. No way I was going to make that after work so I decided to go on lunch today. I will take pictures and post tomorrow what I find!

See you in the funnies!


Virtuous said...

Glad you are having a Rockin' time in Rockford! :op
I really like the stamp pad storage! You are not going to get me excited over here about stampin' up! Which reminds me I have an blog entry to make about that! Haha!

Can't wait to see what yarn you buy for your crocheting at their LYS.

Adrienne said...

Glad you are having fun! I love that stamp storage!

Becky said...

Have fun tonight! Can't wait to see your digital efforts.

PAJNSTL said...

That stamp storage is CUTE!!! I could used one of those and I'm not even a scrapper!