Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Upstate New York


It's been a few days. But most of the weekend has been a blur. Whenever I get ready to leave town I end up spending the days before the trip running errands. I believe we all can relate. Well I finally took off Sunday morning and arrived at my destination that afternoon. Well this is when the fun begins. I flew into a small airport in Plattsburg, NY. It's a brand new airport. Really nice. But a small one and when I deplaned they promptly began shutting down. LOL! Well I waited to get my luggage. No luggage. They search and nothing! So of course I had to fill out the required forms.

The next big thing is the fact the Hertz rental place was closed. I was there in the airport which was closing down for a few hours until the next flight around four hours from this time with no car! I also did not have a cell phone because I lost it over a week ago. I was having my new one delivered to the office the next day. I looked for a pay phone but they hadn't installed on yet. Sounds like fun huh? I did however meet some very nice people and they gave me a ride to the hotel. Later that evening I received my luggage (around 10pm). I then realized I didn't have my jacket. I lost that somewhere between the airport and the hotel.

Well the next day I took a taxi to the airport to get my rental car. I also checked to see if my jacket was in the lost and found. It wasn't. Oh well! I then proceeded to the office in which I was working. Remember I mentioned my cell phone was supposed to be delivered to the office on Monday right? Well it never made it on Monday. This made me very nervous because that was the scheduled delivery date. I was without a cell phone. You can see my week hasn't been great. I ended up calling Fed Ex to have them locate it to find out it would be delivered to the office the next day by 4:30 pm. I was not expecting to be there much longer than noon the following day. Luckily it arrived before noon. I am with communication again! Woo Hoo! Edie and Eric ( the nice people who gave me a ride to my hotel) brought my jacket by the hotel. I left it in the car. So now I have a jacket again! Woo Hoo!

I am now in Lake Placid the venue for the 1980 Winter Olympics. Beautiful area the Adirondacks. Lots of mountains and beautiful vistas. Cute town so far. I am staying at a decent hotel. The one I wanted to stay at was booked but it all works out. I have a nice view of Mirror Lake. I will be in Lake Placid for only one day. I then venture on further North. I am actually not too far from Montreal. I really wish I brought my passport. But crossing the border sounds like more trouble than its worth from what I hear.

Anyway there is a scrapbook store (you know I wouldn't miss that!) and a yarn shop in town. I will stop in and investigate the yarn store tomorrow. It's called Adirondack yarns. The scrapbook store I browsed in today. It's a tourist shop and scrapbook store. Smart owners. Diversify! Keep business coming in two ways! Good idea! There was nothing I couldn't get at home except for some Adirondack laser cuts. But better stocked than I thought. Good for Lake Placid. It's also very close to the Olympic center too.

Oh well I missed "The Closer" yesterday so I am playing catch up today. I think I may come back to the area on Saturday if I can go whitewater rafting. The spring sounds like a better time to go but what can you do.

Have a Blessed day!



Virtuous said...

Wow your trip started out bumpy but so glad it turned around!!!

It does all end up working out!

Hope you have some goodies you can bring back for all your troubles!

And I definitely your travels home will be much smoother!

Sheila said...

That's a bummer your trip started out like that... now that you over that enjoy it and yeah.. brings back some goodies.

PAJNSTL said...

Dang!! you truly started this trip off in a bad way. Glad things straightened out for you!

And you got your jacket back!!! LOL

Hope the rest of your trip is MUY FUN!! LOL

Adrienne said...

Cuz all I can say is in spite of the travel mishaps I wish I envy that you can pack up and go (work related or not) on a whim!!!