Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tuesday in Rockford

I almost forgot to post I was nominated by my wonderful blog buddy Stacy Crimson Purl asIsn't that the coolest! I am so proud! It's an honor for me to be nominated as a Rockin' Girl Blogger so I am going to take my new blog diva status to a new level! LOL! Let's see what I can come up with in the next few days. I am supposed to nominate people but I have yet to find any additional blog sites to nominate that Stacy didn't already nominate. The search is now on!

Yesterday was a fun day. I visited the yarn store on my lunch. It is a lovely store. I believe its the largest one I have been to yet (except for the one in Plainfield, IL and one in New Zealand). The name is Unique Yarns.

It's a wonderful store. I was very pleased to see many knitted projects displayed throughout the store. It was fun to look and feel all the nice yarns. I did finally breakdown and bought some sock yarn. It's very pretty. The color is grape. I thought it was more blue but when I looked at it in different light it was more purple.
The owner was very nice and helpful. She showed me around and helped me pick some yarn. She has many classes and fun things to see. I can't wait to visit more stores.

After work I went to Memories Ink in Rockford. It was right down the street from where I was working. The owner Karen invited me to crop last night and I didn't get back to my hotel room until 10:30pm! She taught a class on beginning scrapbooking and I bought some papers to start my album on my Family Reunion. I am doing an 8 X 8 album for the event. I didn't have pictures but I thought I could just make some pages to go in it. They turned out nicely. It was funny I spent a lot of time looking for papers for a layout of my mom and aunt. I didn't see anything that caught my fancy so I decided to move on to another set of pictures. I chose the family reunion. It worked out nicely. I can print the pictures off when I get home. Anyway, I used her paper trimmer, scissors and I also scraplifted some of her layouts. It was fun. I believe I created six layouts and started another before I left. If you ever have the chance visit the store. Karen is very nice and welcoming!Well it looks like I might be on my way home today. It really depends on how much time the managers and controller has at this office. I then pack for my trip to Upstate New York. This should be interesting. New York is a very scenic state. I can't wait to post pictures and spin tales of adventures for you. I have plans for yarn stores and hopefully some scrapbook stores.
Toodle loo!


PAJNSTL said...

LOL... you sound like me, I was like shoot Stacy already named everybody.. You know it's like 6 degrees of seperation in blogland.

Hey! Can I come to NY with you?! LOL just kidding.

Adrienne said...

That yarn is SO pretty!!! Congrats rockin blogger!!!

Virtuous said...

LOL @ " take my new blog diva status to a new level! " WHOA!!!!

I AM PROUD of you!!! Great sock yarn! HAHA!! What kind of sock yarn is it??

Don't be fooled sometimes the big yarn shops aren't the bests ones! The ones I always ending up liking the most and have the best experience with are the teeny tiny ones!!

Now that was fun scrapping in another town!!! FUN FUN!

Now y'all (U & Patrice) know my name is spelled Stacey!!

Becky said...

Where in New York are you going, blog diva? :-D