Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's been a while

Well the past week has been a blur to me. I was very busy with work and getting ready for a weekend away. I missed posting. I think I will try to post a bit more often in the weeks to come.

Well this past weekend I went to a scrapbook retreat in Central Illinois. It's called the All American Scrapbook Company retreat in Mt. Auburn, IL. It's held at a Christian camp. Now when I say camp I mean a building with bunk beds. We haul all of our gear ( which is a haul if you could see what I have) and scrap continuous throughout the weekend. This time I did an extended weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) instead of the usual Friday through Sunday. It was a good time. I really enjoyed myself. I am very proud to say I completed nineteen layouts! Yup you heard me right nineteen! Around fifteen of the layouts were 8 X 8 and the rest were 12 X 12. I was especially proud of one I made for a friend of her daughter. She is a cute little girl. I saw some patterned paper in my stash and realized it would be perfect. I actually put the layout together in what I consider to be a reasonable amount of time. If you would like to see my layouts you may check my website.

Getting back on Sunday late I was exhausted but I managed to get the truck unpacked. There were three of us in my Mom's truck and we had it loaded. It's amazing to see how much stuff three scrapbookers can bring on a weekend getaway. It's funny.

Now I am getting ready for a trip to Arkansas for a family reunion. I need to pack and prepare my house for the return. I am not looking forward to this actually. It would be nice to see family but the reunions are typically boring. All we do is sit around and talk and eat. That's it. No real activities. Just sitting around a hot lodge looking out at nothing really. BORING!

Well I do plan on taking my crocheting with me and a book. I will make the most of it. My cardigan is not finished. I think I will work on it next week. I just need to sew it together. It has me a bit puzzled though. I am just now realizing I am not sure what type of thread or yarn to use since it is a specialty yarn. I am a bit confused. I still need to make it to a few yarn stores so maybe I can get some help there. But in the meanwhile I have started on a new project. It's another crocheted cardigan. It's cute. I like it a lot. I bought some really nice yarn at JoAnn's to use with it and I think it will turn out beautiful. I will post a picture at a later date.

My creative space has come along nicely too. I just need to find a desk. I hope to get one by the end of the year. I first want to pay down some bills. I have been a spend thrift this summer. I need to find something to bring in a little extra income.

Well my update is complete. Stay tuned for more details!



Adrienne said...

LOVE that first LO!!!!! I hope you havea good time!!!

Virtuous said...

Yeah you got some scrapebooking in!!

Well at least you could bring some knitting/crocheting with you to Arkansas! That will keep you busy! :oD

PAJNSTL said...

WOW @ 19 layouts!

Jeanie Singleton said...

You are a busy woman! How do you get so much done? I have read through your blog's pretty cool!