Sunday, July 1, 2007

So far so good!

So far this weekend I have been able to accomplish at least one thing I really wanted to do. I went to Ikea to buy my bookcases. I bought three and also purchased a nice executive chair too. I was very pleased with my purchases. Here is a picture of one of the bookcases I purchased. I actually bought two of these. I want to use them to store some of my scrapbook supplies. I do plan on moving some of those magazines to another bookcase I purchased. I only put the two narrow ones together.

This is the other bookcase I have in my creative space. I purchased another one like it but I have to put it together. I think I will do it on the 4th. I have a barbecue later that evening so I will put it together in the morning. I am so excited! Now I only need a desk and I saw one at Ikea I think I want to get. It was $59.99! Very simple desk. But it should be perfect for both scrapbooking and sewing! I can't wait to buy one!

My Mom came by early to allow me to use her truck. She spent most of the day with me. Unfortunately when she left she was in some horrible traffic. It usually takes her 40 minutes to get from my home to hers but it took around three hours! It was so horrible. We don't know what happened. She thinks it might have been holiday traffic. I think there was an accident somewhere. But I am glad she made it home safely if not exhausted.

Well here is my current progress on my crocheted cardigan.

I mentioned on a previous blog that I was having some issues. I was wondering if its noticeable on this picture. On the left side is the right side of my cardigan front. The right side is the left side of my cardigan front. The left cardigan front is one stitch smaller than my right side. It's one row shorter and one V-stitch shorter horizontally. I think my guage is off somewhat. I think I will attempt the left side again. I don't understand how this happened. I probably became more tense since I was having troubles with the instructions.

These booties I did while watching television last week. I have yet to sew them together. They are very easy to make and I thought I needed a break from the cardigan since I was getting frustrated. I used the same yarn I used on my previous baby blanket. I like making these booties. You can do them in about an hour.

Then next I started a granny square baby blanket with the leftover yarn. I ran out of yarn on the last row when I almost made it half way.

I had some similar yarn from some other old projects left over so I thought I would use it to finish off my granny square blanket. I will use the white next then finish it off with the multi color yarn. It should look pretty nice I think.

Moving on to other things I have done here is a scrapbook page I made at my monthly TAC (The Angel Company) workshop with my friend Marisa. She prepared this wonderful girls night out page for us to do. We learn and hone our skills on many different techniques. I have yet to decide which pictures to use.

This is one of the cards we made. It's really cute. You open the purse and there is a tube of lipstick stamped on the inside. It's too adorable!

This is the other card we made. I kinda smudged my "thanks for everything" greeting but I like it a lot. Very easy cards.

Last but not least! I stopped by a scrapbook store in Lake Zurich, IL and browsed. I didn't go to buy anything (yeah right!) just to see what the latest and greatest was out now. Look at what I found!

My name in BLING! I was so surprised. Cassandra is a pretty popular name in the African American community (at least I have found many in my own small world) but to find it in bling was just too much! I couldn't believe it! Then I find my last name too! Even though Jordan as a first name has become extremely popular. I see a really cute layout forming in my head. I can't wait to use these babies!

Well I hope you enjoyed my update. I really wanted to update this week but I was tired and a bit discouraged about my cardigan. But I haven't given up. You will see me more often this week.




flygirlual said...

wow love the names!! Cant wait to see how you use them!! I almost never find my name speeled the same way i do :-(

Anonymous said...

Hello Cousin,

I was looking at the red wall behind your new book case and we have something in common......I have red in my kitchen and the upstairs hall!! My previous place didn't have the space I thought I needed to use this color - the painter says "it pops!".....see you Wednesday!