Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good Day

Well today seems to be much better. It seems things I have had an issue with are now good. First thing would be my printer/scanner. It was the inkjet cartridges. They needed replacing. I thought this was odd because my printer usually tells me when the cartridges are low. I mean actually tells me! My computer always has a message which comes over the speakers when I am printing or if there is an error with the printer. I did need to reinstall the drivers though. Weird!

Second thing was my hair! I had a great hair day. It actually looked good. I was able to make it look a bit more fashionable. I felt cute actually. I styled my hair and dressed for work a bit more fashionable and I felt a lot better. This may work out! At least until I get my braids again. I really want them back! I have starting sweating in my head already and this is not good. It might be a fro before you know it!
Third thing was I received a package today. I didn't expect one but I found one on my doorstep when I arrived home. I was a bit paranoid when I saw it. You see I watch Court TV a lot and I saw a Forensics File episode where a husband sent his wife a bomb wrapped up like a present and left it on the porch. It killed her unfortunately. When I saw the package I started thinking about who could be angry with me. No one really but you can't be to careful !LOL! Anyway this is what I got.

It's a radio and speaker case. It also has a pocket for a portable CD player/MP3 player and twenty CDs. How cool is this! It came at a perfect time too! I am going away for the weekend so I can use it when I need some music! Sweet!

This is a magnet with a picture of my cat Edgar.

This is a pillow with a picture of Edgar. Isn't it cute! Edgar seems to like it too. I put it on the floor close to his scratcher and he sniffed it and really checked it out!

These wonderful gifts came from my job. I thought it was a wonderful surprise. The adminstrative assistant had asked me for some pictures of my cat. I thought it was to submit to a contest for pet pictures on the job. Well it wasn't! LOL! They sent it to me because we did a good job getting some work done. It's great to be appreciated by management. I am lucky to have such a thoughtful department.

Well as you can see I had a wonderful day. It rained here and I still believe it was a beautiful day. As the song goes "what a difference a day makes"!

As for the recipe I spoke of the other day I will post it. I suggest you do not count on it this week. It's a very long recipe to type out (but not a tough recipe). Maybe next week. I am a bit behind on a few things I need to take care of first. But I will post the recipe. I highly suggest you read my blog next week for it.

Toodle loo!


Adrienne said...

You look fine honey! LOL hope today is good as well!!!

Virtuous said...

I agree with Adrienne! No worries you look good! With or without the braids! ;o)

Where did the package come from???

Yeah your co-workers are very thoughtful. I wish mine were that way too! ;o)

Hope your day is FABulous!

PAJNSTL said...

Your hair is very pretty! How nice of your coworkers. It's nice to be appreciated, huh?! Enjoy your day!