Friday, October 17, 2008

Ravelry Musings...

O.K. I forgot to write about my Ravelry musings yesterday. I was on a roll with my finished project and it got in the way. LOL!

I've been browsing Ravelry for a while and trying to update things. I have a few questions for you ladies out there.

One, I have tons of yarn without labels.

I finally got an opportunity to sort it and put it into baggies. If you have noticed most of it has been made into balls. I do this while watching television in the evening. It helps keep my skeins from getting too tangled.
My question is how do you label your yarns in your yarn stash if you aren't sure of the amount? Most of this yarn is leftovers or extra yarn purchased. Some of it is a partial skein and others aren't. How do you handle this?

My second question would be your blog feed. I have my blog listed but it doesn't show in Ralvery. How do you get it to show in Ravelry. Is it the RSS feed? How do I learn my RSS feed?

My third question is how well do you know Ravelry? I'm learning a lot but there is so much it can be overwhelming! My group is hoping to create a group on Ravelry soon but there is so much we need to learn. Do you have any tips for me?

So far I have four projects listed and completed. I'm working on a new project now and I hope to have it listed by the weekend. Come check me out when you have the chance!

Here are some photos from my group called "Ewe Can Knit Too". We are meeting once a week now and I love it. I'm the only one who crochets regularly. They are all knitters but are considering dabbling into crochet since I finish my projects so much faster than they do! One member Kritina always teases me about my projects. I will start a new project and the following week she will ask me if I finished! LOL! I'm O.K. but not that good! LOL!

Here is Barb teaching a newbie how to cast on. This was kind of funny to watch because their were several people helping her and many different ways to do the cast on of course. I was getting confused watching them!This is a picture from my end of the table. We meet at Panera Bread Company in Plainfield, IL on Mondays and we just push three tables together and work it out. I love Panera Bread Company. Good food! Last week they brought around treats for us to try and the clerks are very nice to us.

Larisa is the one on the left with the dark hair and glasses. She is our organizer and she is great! We are working on creating our Ravelry group. I can't wait! One person who was close to me wasn't included in this picture but I will get her next time! LOL!

I'm on a yarn budget. I wasn't supposed to buy any yarn until next year since I have such a nice quantity as you can see above. However, when I received my JoAnn's flyer I noticed yarn was on sale. I needed yarn to make a rug for my master bathroom. I was going to wait until next year but when I saw the Caron one pound yarn for 2 for $9 I couldn't let that pass. I justified it by listed it as a household expense instead of a hobby expense! LOL! It's the accountant in me that did it! I bought six skeins because the rug is supposed to be 60 inches long using three strands of yarn. I'm mixing one of each color to get a varigated look. I wasn't sure how much was needed since I'm noting most patterns are in yards instead of weight. So I bought extra. I think I will have enough in one skein. If not I will return three!

I don't know if you saw the recent Interweave Crochet magazine for fall. It's the bomb! I love Interweave Crochet fall issue! It's definitely worth the price. I've already flagged five items I must make. One is of this beautiful Austen Lace Muffler. I think this is so cute! I wanted to do one so I bought Patons Bamboo silk yarn at JoAnn's. I thought I was getting the right weight but I didn't check until I got home. This yarns weight is a "3" and the pattern requires a "2" weight. I was a bit disappointed besides I wasn't sure if it was enough. It wasn't! So I returned this yarn and will wait until later to do this project if I can't find any in my stash. By the way this yarn is on sale at JoAnn's for $4 a skein. That's a good price. I really like how it feels too! Very soft!

Well I think that's enough for today!
Later chicas!


Sheila said...

I normally don’t label my yarns, just bag them and store…lol. Initially my blog feed showed on my ralvery page, but then something happened and never figured it out. I wish I could help with your third question, but starting a group on Ralvery sounds like fun and look forward to it. I yearn to participate in a knit/crochet group, but haven’t yet. That muffler is downright cute and I like the colors you are going to use for the bathroom rug.

Virtuous said...

LOL @ household expense vs. hobby expense! Haha! Too cute! But it still all comes out of the same big bucket at the end of the day! ;op

Wow! Your post is loaded with questions.

Okay I have no system with leftover non label yarn. It is just in a bag. And when/if (which I haven't yet) knit with it I will pick small projects so I won't run out of yarn. Haha!

But for the most part all of my stash yarn is still labeled.

As far as your 2nd question on RSS feed for your Ravelry go to Bloglines and search for your blog there, it should give you the RSS feed path.

Copy & paste it into Ravelry.
I show yours to be:

In terms of handling Ravelry it is a bit overwhelming which means you handle it like anything that big that comes your way...a little bit at a time.
You can't be and do everything all at once.

As far as your ravelry group you can set that up anytime!

It is really easy. Just start a new group and make new threads to chat in! You can check out my knitting ravelry group site if you like 'Charlotte Purls' to help with ideas.

I would recommend having a pic to upload for your group before creating it.

Good Luck with everything in Ravelryland!!

Ilix said...

Wow, lots to respond to.... yarns that I have no idea about.... I only put them in the ravelry database when I am going to use them in a project. Then it's my best guess. I do that with most yarns though, I pull something out of the stash to start a new project addit to my ravelry stash and then add the project.

As for the Ravelry group. Just start one, and send out as many invitations as you can. It's good to have it up and then people can find you!

Pajnstl said...

wow 2 post in a week!

Gueaux you!