Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm getting it!

Thanks to all of you who posted comments regarding Ravelry on my blog. Any help is much appreciated. I finally got my blog feed directed there! Thanks Stacey.

I finally figured out the difference between the queue and favorites! LOL! They seemed to mean the same to me but now I get it. I just need to figure out how to get other patterns I want to do listed. Then I will be straight!

Here is my latest and greatest! I just started this on Thursday!
It's called a cushy scatter rug and its for my master bathroom. It's supposed to be 24 X 60 inches. I have a ways to go but I'm off to a great start. I am using three strands of yarn and its very thick. The yarn colors are shown in the previous post. The Caron yarns. I'm using one of each color. I hope I purchased enough yarn!

I got the pattern from Wal Mart. It's the "Beginner's Guide Crochet Stitches & Easy Projects" by Leisure Arts Little books. I'm doing a cross stitch all through it. I've done in this book. This book is a must for a newbie!

I made scatter rug before using a goldish yarn with metallic threads all through it. I loved that rug but a previous feline roommate ruined it by urinating on it. I would wash it and she would do it over and over again. Needless to say she is no longer a roommate and I threw the rug away. It was a hard thing to do! Trust me!

Well I'm off to pack for my trip. I don't plan on taking this project since the skeins of yarn are so large. I would definitely have to check my luggage for a trip with it. I don't want to do that this week. Traveling light is a preference for me.

Chat with ya later!


Pajnstl said...

you're on a ROLL!!!
and you've been busy

Adrienne said...


Sheila said...

Your rug is coming along nicely. Have a safe trip.

KimT said...

looking forward to seeing this FO. I might have to get that book too.