Monday, October 6, 2008

Crochet and Ravelry Musings

I've been very busy with my crochet group. Now that fall has begun we have decided to meet weekly. This was my suggestion. I find that I miss a lot of meetings with my work schedule. We are going to create a group on Ralvery too! I'm quite excited. Many members already added me to their friends list (It's mskasey for those of you who would like to add me too!).

As a group we decided to do a knit/crochet a-long. Remember I'm a crocheter not a knitter (which I will try after a few more crochet projects). Well I was the first one who started and first one finished. I decided to do this pattern by Moda Dea yarns.

This is a crocheted kimono. Kritina from our group brought a knitted kimono book to our meetings and suggested a knit/crochet a-long. They chose kimonos from the book and I searched the internet for this one. Here is my review.

This is the finished kimono

Close up details

Pattern - Moda Dea crochet kimono - leaflet

Yarn - Bernat Berella "4" the afghan yarn

Color - Burgundy

How much yarn used - about 6 1/8 skeins. The pattern suggests a Moda dea yarn but it was more per skein than I wanted to pay.

Cost of yarn - $1 a skein! I bought 9 just in case. I found it in the clearance aisle at Michaels'. I love a good bargin.

Level - easy

Started - September 29th

Ended - October 14th

Size - 36

Did it look like the picture - yes it did!

Were the instructions easy to follow - yes

What did I like about the pattern - very easy and quick to crochet

What did I dislike about the pattern - nothing was wrong with the pattern at all.

Would I crochet it again - definitely. I want to do it again for myself!

Changes made - I decided to crochet a belt instead of using ribbon like the pattern said to do. It's just a simple single crochet belt.

Would I recommend this pattern - Definitely! Very easy! Good for a beginner crocheter

I still need to wash and block it but I think you get the overall effect. I think it came out great and I can't wait to give it to my mom. I think she will love it! I'm excited!

More projects to come!

Toodle Loo!


Gayle said...

nice project! Turned out cute. It always feels good when it goes along smoothly

KimT said...

Its fantastic! I have to try this one. Very Very Cute!

KimT said...

I already found the pattern and printed it!

Sheila said...

The kimono is pretty and your mom is going to love it ... now off to get the pattern :)

Virtuous said...

Luv that you are found a great knit/crochet group!

Nice KCAL and it came out great Cas!!
Keep workin' that hook gurl!!

persuede said...

your projects are really pretty -- the kimono, the lace tank, and the multi-color coat all lovely. I'm a knitter but the kimono especially makes me want to pick up a hook.

Pajnstl said...

awwww how cute! did you make me one? lol

Adrienne said...

Too cute girl!!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What a great cardigan! Gosh you are making me think that I should pick my crochet hook back up and try again...