Monday, August 18, 2008

Renaissance Faire Weekend

Well hello folks!

I had a pretty decent weekend. I didn't do much as planned but I got to do some fun things. The things I wanted to do wasn't all that important but I still need to do them! LOL!

Saturday evening I went to a crop with some friends and brought limited scrapbook supplies. I did work on a few layouts. My outcome was good and I had a good time as always.

Sunday was the fun day for me. I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin on Sunday. I like going to the faire and people watching. I usually sit around amazed at the costumes people wear to the faire and wonder how they don't faint from heat exhaustion. Some of the costumes are very heavy materials. I mean very heavy for 80 degree weather! Geez! But they wear them proudly. I saw several shows I enjoyed. The first one was Washing Well Wenches. They were a duo of funny ladies who invite audience participation (or demand it) and sing songs and joke around. They were fun. Here are some photos of them!

You have to be a good sport and enjoy the silliness of the whole act.

I also think I ate a lot too. I love to have the garlic mushrooms they serve from a big cauldron fire. They are so good. The mushrooms are cooked with garlic and onions and are delicious! I always get a big bowl of them!

I also had something called Spanish Fries which were steak fries with nacho cheese, onions and jalapeno peppers. I liked them too!

Another fun show to watch is "The Swordsmen". My friend Becky has a major crush on Dirk Perfect. He is the one without the glasses.

Each time we go Becky sits and enjoys watching Dirk in his tight pants.

We watched many shows including the insulting man you get to throw tomatoes at for a fee. Another show called Moonie which is very funny I wouldn't know where to begin to describe his show. The Mud Eaters and yes they do eat mud as well as dive into it. There is a joust and many parades too. A good time for all ages!

While we were there we got rained on too. During the Moonie show which was a drag. I ran under one of the vendors awnings and tried to watch from there. But one thing was good. I found a dear friend I haven't seen in a while. Her name is Kathy! My little buddy. Even sitting I was taller than her! LOL!

Well its time to cut this post off before I really get on a roll. Someone already told me my posts were too long (PATRICE). LOL!



Pajnstl said...

Girl you better leave me alone! lol

STL has a renaissiance faire. I think i missed it though. I would NOT have been eating ANY of that! lol the mushrooms looks like something you'd see on tv boiling in a witches cauldron lol

Adrienne said...

LOL I had something to say then read Patrice's comment and forgot lol she is so silly lol

Sheila said...

The Rennaissiance Faire reminds me of Colonial Williamsburgs historic attraction. Ok... mushroom soup.... you are such an adventerous

Susan said...

That sounds like so much fun. I agree with Adrienne - I was going to comment on the yummy food, but had to laugh at Patrice's comment. lol.

Ilix said...

That looks like fun! and the food wasn't too bad looking too.......

KimT said...

i always wanted to go to one of those renaissance faires when I lived in Chicago, but never did. Looks like fun.

Kirsten said...

Did they have the Mud Show? I love that one! And yes, those costumes are freakin hot!