Thursday, September 4, 2008

Comedy of Sewing Errors

Well! Where do I start? Let’s start at my attempt to move on with my sewing projects to a jacket. It’s a simple jacket (so they say) that I started at the “Escape to Sew” day at my local sewing/quilting store. The jacket is McCall’s pattern #5241. It’s a one-hour sewing pattern. I chose this pattern because I thought it would be perfect for me to slowly get back into sewing. At least that is what I thought. Well at my first day I cut out the material and by the end of the day I had sewn the back seam and the sleeve seams. I was there all of six hours with a lunch break for about an hour. But of course, I spent most of time talking with the ladies (which is important later).

The next time I decided to work on the jacket was at the same sewing/quilting store. They have what they call “Midnight Madness” which is on Friday nights once a month. It’s from 6pm to Midnight and you are allowed to come and work on your projects. Since this was my first time, I spent time eating and chatting with the ladies. This is not good for me. I now know I cannot sew and chit chat too. It just doesn’t work for me. My mind needs to be on my work. I spent around 2 hours trying to get my sleeve to work. I will say some of it has to do with the pattern. Later my mom and friend told me to ease the sleeve even though the pattern doesn’t specify it. They feel I would have an easier time with it. Anyway I got frustrated and eventually left around 9pm. I think the ladies thought I was frustrated with them but that wasn’t it. I also had an 8am hair appointment which takes me an hour to get to from my home (I have a hard time finding good hair stylists who can do my hair right). A wedding at 3pm with nothing to wear (that’s another blog post). I just decided to go. Also when I tried on my jacket it seemed to hang weird. Hmmm?

Well, on Sunday I took the materials and patterns to my mom to check for issues. First of all my mom does not believe in sewing on Sunday. She says it’s in the bible that you don’t work on Sunday. We are allowed to cook, clean and everything else but sew and crochet. I have always wondered where she gets this but its mom and I will just have to live with it. Anyway, I lay out the material and show her what I am doing and low and behold I see the biggest issue and it isn’t the sleeve insertion. I had actually sewn the incorrect seam! I sewed the bottoms together! Duhhhh! No wonder it hung weird! LOL! The next issue was I didn’t mark my material for the circles and my darts were odd. So I came to a major conclusion. I cannot talk and work on my sewing. So maybe I will discontinue the sewing away from home. I haven’t fully decided yet though. I do like the socializing but it hinders my progress tremendously. I met so many nice ladies.

So, now you know why you haven’t seen any of my sewing creations. I can’t shut my big fat trap so the comedy of sewing errors flourishes! Pray for me and hope I get it together!


Sheila said...

Sorry for laughing, but this post was too funny. I know I can't get a project done while socializing, talk about hinder my progress, sheez I wouldve sewn the sleeve hole

But its good to attend the sewing meet ups, I wish I had one close to home.

Adrienne said...

LOL girl too funny. That's why I can't really do crops lol. I talk the entire time lol

Gayle said...

geesh glad it was one of those 1 hour projects!!! lol missed you on tuesday!

Pajnstl said...

smh... A MESS!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

My grandmama use to say the same sewing on Sunday...but we still had to do chores...excuse me?

Sorry you didn't get much accomplished at the sew-in...but if you were talking to them and they were talking to you...seems like everyone didn't get much done! :)

Lilli said...

People should read this.