Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Update from Houston

Hey! I am in the Houston area for work. When I arrived Sunday it was 70 degrees! A big difference from Chicago! I drove to my hotel with the windows down like I wanted but I had to roll them up and turn on the air conditioner! It's a nice break!

Anyway I wanted to update you on my week. I had an unfortunate death in my family. My Aunt's husband (uncle by marriage) died last week. He had leukemia. It's very sad and a big loss to the family. Please keep my Aunt and cousins in your prayers.

As I mentioned in my last entry I had a pretty full week. One knitting/crochet meeting and three scrapbook meetings. It was very nice. The knitting/crochet group was small but very nice. I met three wonderful ladies. We worked well together and I can't wait to meet with them again. I worked on my sleeve for my cardigan. I got a lot done. I actually brought it on my trip to finish. I just completed using the last of my skein of yarn and I left the rest at home. I have about 10 rows left before I am finished. So when I get home I plan on finishing the skein then I will sew it together and have it completed by the end of the month! SWEET!

The scrapbook meetings I attended was fun. It's always a great time to get with friends with similar interests. Better yet I didn't spend too much money too. The first night was at Archivers with my meet-up group. I was able to put my page kits together for my Orlando trip. I also did this at the other meetings I attended. I am hoping to start working on my scrapbook pages next month. I would prefer to have many more kits ready when I get started. Wish me luck.

After work yesterday I found a scrapbook store called Scrapbook Junkie. I went in and browsed around. Very nice store. I found another nice store today. It's funny how I find these stores. I am just driving along then BOOM a store! Some of these stores are in small towns but they have lots of merchandise. I have been really good though. I have impressed myself. I have spent no money! I hope this lasts! I read the yellow pages and I found four stores in the area of my hotel. I think I will only visit two! LMAO! I don't want to push temptation.

Well I hope to update again this week. But do not expect photos. I left my digital card reader at home!



Adrienne said...

Oh no! SOrry to hear of your loss!!!!

Pajnstl said...

Sory about your loss. ((hugs)) Glad you are getting aMUCH needed break from the weather!! (i'm so jealous lol) Hope your will power holds up in the face of temptation :p

Virtuous said...

Ooh Cas I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle you & your family are in my prayers for comfort during this time!

Houston is fabulous! Keep enjoying the weather and don't tempt scrapping fate! Haha! :o)

Safe travels!

Sheila said...

Sending my condelences to you and your family. Enjoy Houston and like Virtuous said don't tempt scrapping fate...lol.