Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Great news! Remember that ticket I received on New Year's Day for driving through the stop sign without stopping (which was not true!)? Well yesterday I went to court and I pleaded not guilty. The judge threw out the case! The officer referred to his ticket book when the judge asked a question. This isn't allowed. He should have known better according to the judge that he could not review notes during testimony. So she threw it out and scolded him. No fines! WOO HOO! I was very pleased. Those tickets were $105! I of course did not want to pay that price! I am one satisfied woman!

Well I guess I will move on to more good news. I have had a crafty good time lately. I have many photos on this entry so beware. The first group are cards I made at a Close to My Heart Seminar (CTMH). These are nice cards. Only one has a theme which was "Thanks". I guess I can make the others whatever I want.

Here is a nice representation of the bunch! These are all made from CTMH products.

I also went to a CTMH scrapbook workshop too. I like these pages. The black and beige pages are my favorite. These are all made using CTMH products.

I learned something this weekend that made me gasp. I went to Michaels' and I was browsing the book area (which was hard because I really wanted to buy a book). I saw the Cherish book by CTMH in the store. There was only one. I thought maybe someone left it there by mistake. Then I went to another Michaels' and I saw many more. I was so confused! I didn't know they sold CTMH idea books at Michaels'. You could use your 40% off coupon and get it at a really good price. This book along with their Imagine idea book is a big hit with my friends. One had already purchased the book and I told her. She e-mailed our consultant and learned CTMH will be selling their idea books to broaden their market at Michaels'. They are waiting at least a year after the book is released. Isn't that something! I was totally shocked! Now my poor friend is a bit upset she purchased the book at full price. But what can you do right?

This is an 8 X 8 layout I made for one of my mother's friends. She is a very wonderful lady. She had a party last summer and honored me. She is so sweet. I made this to put into an album I made for her last year. I want to add pages for her now and then.

Well, lets move on to the needle arts. I was in Michaels', JoAnn's, Borders, Barnes and Noble and finally the library. I really wanted this book. There is this beautiful sweater called Icelandic I want to make. I found it at the library! Whoopie! I am adding this wonderful pattern to my library for sure!

This is the Quick feminine scarf I made this weekend. I found this pattern in the "At Home With Crochet", its a Leisure Arts Publication. I really like this pattern. I will make more and give them away as gifts. I did find some flaws in my scarf but it still looks great. I plan on making one for KimT who joined my "Play It Forward" post. So Kim if you are reading this get ready!

This is the scarf stretched out. It's really cute! I am pretty proud of myself.

O.K. I know you guys remember the cardigan I have been working on forever. Well my completion of this sweater was stalled. I ran out of yarn. I bought more but the color was off. I couldn't match the dye lot. I thought I bought more than enough but the sweater is turning out to be much larger than I anticipated. I decided to make the sleeves and trimming of the sweater out of this solid blue. It's the best I could do. I am a bit miffed at myself for running out of yarn but it happens. I do hope to get it finished soon though. I need to do both sleeves then sew it all together and od the trim. Wish me tons of luck on this one!

First, please excuse the blurry photos. I really tried working with my camera but it was late. This is a simple shrug I found in the Fall Interweave Crochet magazine. I thought it turned out wonderfully. I wore it to church and I received many wonderful compliments. I will definitely make many more. This took me about a week to complete.
I bought yarn for my KCAL (knit crochet along) with the Ebony Elite group. I found a crochet pattern I wanted to do with the group and I am too excited for words.

The pattern is called Chenille Cowl and I found it in my "So Simple Crochet" book by Melody Griffiths for Creative Homeowner. I am so excited. I hope its as easy as it looks. I would love to make more for gifts.
After I complete this pattern and the cardigan pattern I will then move on to the Icelandic cowl pattern. I am so inspired by this pattern. I will post a picture of it later. I think I have enough pictures on this post already!


Adrienne said...

YAY! I know you are glad it was thrown out!!!!

Pajnstl said...

See! That's what I'm talking bout!!!

Virtuous said...

Well PRAISE HIM!!!! That is just wonderful!

Great cards/layouts! Interesting that they will be selling books in Michael's now...nice!

KA-CUTE neckscarf for KimT!!

And you worked it out in your shrug!

Looks like someone has been busy with her hook! YAH!!!! :oD

I am lovin' your cowl project for the KCAL!!

Gayle said...

Love that model stand of yours!! Tall, straight, looking off in the distance!!! Why you could be in the pattern book!!!
That cowl is too cute!!!! I can't wait to see it IRL!
The black and white scrap pages turned out cute!!
I don't blame your friend for being a little upset over the books!! If it was me I'd feel the same way!!! ;-D

Sheila said...

Lucky lady and bad officer... glad it turned out in your favor. I love the card with the flower, maybe its me, but it looks like its 3D. I think I have the yarn for your cardigan... I'm going to look for it at home. Although the pic is blurry... I can see your beautiful shrug.