Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The past few days

Here is where I am with the cardigan back. I have made some progress but not much. I had to unravel 22 rows because my tension was really bad. But the good news is that I am not discouraged. I will complete this cardigan! It may not be soon but soon enough! This past Saturday night I went to a TAC (The Angel Company) card buffet party. I made only three cards. She had some terrific cards for us to make though. I had to be careful of my budget of course. I will use one of these cards for my Christmas cards this year!

This is a photo of little Charlie. This weekend I dog sat for my neighbor. This is a puppy. He is super friendly and loves to be held. I first would like to say I love dogs. But I will not get a puppy! Too much work! I spent the night running this dog outside to poop only to have him come back in and poop or throw up on the carpet. Also the whining at night was a bit much. He also kept soiling his bedding so that wasn't good. I really felt sorry for the pooch though. He is lovable. But way too much work!

My plans for this weekend were to work on my sewing on Saturday. This did not work out for me. I did however get the pattern cut out. It's one big piece! I just need to sew a few seams and I will be done. I picked this pattern because it was so easy. I thought for me to get back into the swing of things this would be best. I can't wait to cut it out and sew!

The pattern had two pieces which had to be taped together matching these circles. It wasn't as easy as I had expected. Those darn circles didn't line up properly. I finally got it together though. It's a good thing! I was starting to get aggravated! LOL! Not a good thing for a sewer but in my defense I wasn't feeling my best.

My mom was mad at me on Sunday because I didn't make it to church. But I felt really bad for the puppy since it was in a cage all day by himself. I didn't think it was nice to do that to him so I wanted to spend some time with him. I wasn't sure when the owners were coming back in the afternoon so I stayed with him. I missed communion but I thought it was a good cause. My mom wouldn't speak to me for a while but she finally got over it! LOL!
This Monday was not good. I didn't feel well at all that morning. I did feel better in the afternoon. Late in the afternoon I received an e-mail from my job explaining there was an elimination of jobs within the company. I was working with my manager today and he was shocked to hear the news. He began to slowly panic which made me panic. He called one of the other managers to learn there was another e-mail which was sent out right after I received the first e-mail. They eliminated four positions within my department! A director (mine), a manager, an auditor and an administrator. Three of these people have been with the company longer than I have been with the company. I have been with the company seven years. This was not something we saw coming. But we should have. I work in the real estate field and the market is terrible to say the least. It was a shock to see who they let go. Very sad. These were good people I respected. I was very sorry to hear they lost their jobs. I am now very nervous and trying to think of ways to curve my spending. You never know who will be next!
So while saying that I think I will not be going to CKU next year. That's $345 I could use to pay off a bill! I am also instituting a serious budget. I really need a good one I can stick too. I think I will make all my Christmas presents. HA! Lofty idea but a good one. I will just be a little more frugal until the market picks up again.
I also have a cold now. I am so congested. This started on Monday and the stress from my job didn't help my situation. I have a busy week planned and now I must rethink it because I am not feeling up to it. I had a dental appointment on Monday in the evening. That hygenist was very thorough to say the least. I never had that much scrapping done before. GEEZ! But at least I have some clean teeth!
Last night was my scrapbooking evening. I didn't make it. I went home and fell asleep. Besides I didn't want to share my cold with anyone. I hate I missed the fun but what can you do. I needed to rest.
Tonight I have a Close to My Heart scrapbook evening. I think I will go to this. It's only for about an hour and I like the pages we will be doing. I don't think this will be too much. I don't want to lay around and let the virus take over. I will medicate myself well so I don't get others sick.
Well I think this is a good update. I hope all is well out there in blogland!
Please keep my co-workers and me in your prayers.
Catch you all later!


Adrienne said...

You have been busy!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!

PAJNSTL said...

Cas, girl what are you doing over there?!
Nice work on the cardi.

I love the babyblue and chocolate together on your card.. might have to change the color scheme for my craft room.

ooh, sorry about the jobs, and those who lost theirs... it really sucks to have it happen right around the holidays.

Way to go for being proactive and cutting cost. (I soo need to do that... JUST BECAUSE).

If you would have went to church and got your communion you wouldnt have a cold! lmao just kidding.. Get you some Nyquil!!! I swear by that stuff, it cures it all!

Hope you feel better!

PAJNSTL said...

oh! forgot to ask what you were sewing?

Virtuous said...

Yep I hope you feel better soon! But glad you still have some good crafting energy going on! :o)
I pray that you will be protected from any additional cuts at your job. Sorry to hear about the others

flygirlual said...

missed you last night!!! Sorry to hear you are under the weather. That job stuff can be scarey. Sounds like a budget may be a good idea for a while. Oh, I found a brown suede glove in the driveway, would it be yours? Hope you are feeling better soon!!