Thursday, November 8, 2007

I have a cold...

But I am doing pretty good. I am congested and a bit tired but otherwise I am functioning well. I sleep a bit more but that can also be attributed to a visit from good ole Aunt Flo! She arrived last night with all her baggage! Gotta love her!

Anyway last night I went to my monthly Close to My Heart Scrapbook evening. This wonderful lady charges $8 for four scrapbook pages. She is very talented and the pages are awesome! This monthly get together will remain in my budget since it is reasonably priced and I love her pages. I have an entire album of her pages I need to find pictures to put on them. I will post the pages as I find pictures.

But I thought I would show you what I completed last night. This page is one of the two page layouts we made last night. It's called snow friends. I love it! I plan on putting pictures from my ski trip to Winter Park, Colorado in December.
This is the second page. I love it! So many pictures I can incorporate into these pages!
I can see ski pictures coming to mind as I look at them! This page is really cool too! It's a Christmas layout! I will go to my Mother's home and take pictures with the family to put into these layouts. They were fun to make. We sponged the background paper to give it a textured look. I love it!

I can see pictures of my Mom, brother and me in these photos. So nice!

Have I ever mentioned I love idea books? I bought this one at the October scrapbook evening. When I got it I couldn't wait to get home to browse. I will definitely not purchase anymore idea books for some time. I have plenty and I don't use them often enough. I could save hundreds of dollars if I didn't buy them!
This was a special they had last month. It's a greeting card layout you could send to family. The layouts are like 6 X 6 and they come with an envelope. I think I will make the layouts but give them to my Mom as a small album. I am sure she would appreciate them.

Overall my evening went well and I met some wonderful people. My cold was definitely under control and I didn't feel too bad. I am doing well and I think the cold will run its course and I will be back to normal.
I have an idea! I will post how well I am sticking to my budget on the blog. So far I have only spent $14 on scrapbooking this month. That includes my cards from last week plus these four pages. Hopefully I can keep my hobby budget under $25 this month. I do need to buy some thread to go with my top I plan on making Saturday. I may need something else but we will see.
Keep it real yall!


Adrienne said...

Glad you had a good time!!! Your pages look great! Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

Nerdful Things said...

Online digital scrapbooking @ (upload photo and choose free template)

PAJNSTL said...

See you posed to be nursing your cold... but you out and about making pretty things! LOL

Virtuous said...

Yes I do hope you feel better soon! I just my lovely monthly visitor packin' UGH!

Loved all your holiday layouts!

Just imagine how much money we could all save from our hobbies! HAHA! ;op