Monday, September 10, 2007


Are you a list person? I am! I have lists of everything and I carry them everywhere I go. I often find myself adding to current lists and starting a new list for something new. Does anyone do the same?

One of the reasons I make lists is to make sure I remember and do everything I need to do. I often do not finish everything on my list. I also loose or misplace my lists. But I don't stop making them. I wonder if it is some form of OCD.

Well one of the reasons I brought this up is to make sure I have something to talk about at all times on my blog. I think my lists are pretty interesting even if I say so myself. I wonder if anyone else has any interesting lists to share with us and maybe they could discuss them with everyone on their own blogs.

I thought I would just list some of my current lists here to share. Please tell me yours too.

List of Books on Tapes I plan on getting for my car trips

List of places I want to visit in my lifetime

Lists of things I would like to purchase for my home

A grocery list

A list of recipes I want to try

A list of things I want to write about in my blog

A Christmas card list

A gift for Xmas list

A list of things I need to do for my job

A list of things for a garage sale

A list of things I would like to learn

A list of websites and the URL

A list of my expenses (also called a budget)

A list of people (called an address book)

Lists of blogs I enjoy reading.

List of things to be done at my Mother's home

List of things to do with the money I win in the lottery (yes I do plan on winning, my time is coming)

List of television shows I care to watch

Lists of patterns purchased for sewing

Lists of crocheting patterns I want to try

I think I will start posting my lists and why I created them. I think they are quite fun too. They are mental wish lists! I love it!

Have fun!


Adrienne said...

Oh I am DEF a list person! I can NOT function without one! LOL

Sheila said...

I'm an on and off list person. I start out with a list and may accomplish half of it and then attempt to walk around with a mental list, which I tend to loose

Virtuous said...

^ Haha! I am like Sheila! :o)

PAJNSTL said...

Lol... I used to keep list like that, THEN I got this darn cell phone! Now I'm an agenda kinda girl! LOL everything goes on the agenda... LMAO