Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feelin' Flaky

Hello out there!

I have come to realize something about myself. I hate uploading photos to my blog. I mean I really hate the slow tedious process. I always want to upload pictures but I never do because it is so slow and arranging them drives me crazy. Hence one of the many reasons I don't blog very often anymore. Also photobucket gives me the flux sometimes. I hate it too. If anyone has any good suggestions please let me know.

This month has been a good one so far. I made my way to my local quilt shop for an "Escape to Sew" day they have once a month. One of my resolutions for the year was to go these events and I finally made it there this month. I was about to cancel when a friend I haven't seen in a while and I were trying to get together. We had decided on this day but I called back and rescheduled. I needed that day! I don't quilt but they offer space for you do any of your sewing projects. I met the ladies which meet there and had a good time. I mostly talked though. I ended up possibly offending a Creative Memories consultant but I don't care. I didn't agree with something she said and voiced my opinion. I didn't start any trouble but I shared my own personal opinion. I tend to do this with people which try to act like their opinion is fact.

Anyway, I took one of those one hour patterns to work on and I cut it out and started sewing but I am not finished in the least. I think I have about 33% left to do. I realized quickly that I talk too much. But that's me! LOL! I was there from 11am to 5pm. I am looking forward to going again but I might cut my fabric out in advance and just work on stitching when I get there.

I was also on vacation for a week. I took time do things around my home and I went to a scrapbook retreat in Central Illinois with six friends. We had a blast! But we always do. I worked on 22 layouts. I think I did a terrific job! I was very pleased. We had such a good time we decided to go back in November. I can't wait!

My other projects from the month include my cardigan I am attempting to finish. This is where the flakiness comes into play! The pattern called for 48 ounces for the large sweater. I bought 60 ounces and I ran out. I also realized the sweater was way too large. I was about 80% finished with it. I decided to frog it and start over. I did a swatch to test the gauge and I found using a smaller needle and a smaller size would work. Well guess what! I don't have enough yarn! Either the pattern is way off or its me. I think its the pattern! Really I do. I am about 90% done at this point. I ran out of yarn on the second sleeve! Yes that's right the second sleeve. I have about a third done (which is better than my first attempt with only one partial sleeve). RATS! The yarn I am using I cannot find any to match. I already threw out the labels because I was sure I had enough(note to self DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!"). So I have been to many JoAnn's stores and compared yarn and there is nothing. The yarn available is too washed out and dingy looking. Too much of a difference to use. I have completed the back of the sweater, the two fronts and one sleeve. I have about a third of the last sleeve completed and its just sitting in a basket. I finally came up with a solution. I will frog the back piece and do it in a solid color and use the yarn I am frogging from the back to finish the sleeve and edging. I have completed about 60% of the back but now I am having second thoughts about the whole project. Not one but three people have told me it still looks a bit large (which it does) but it does have drop shoulders. I am beginning to wonder if I should finish it or frog the entire thing and start with fresh yarn all together. I am so confused. I am feeling very flaky! Give me strenghth! I need some good mental vibes so I can complete the darn thing. I had a finishing date of the end of this month and it would have been completed two weeks ago if I wouldn't have ran out of yarn. What's a woman to do! But on the other note do I want to complete a sweater that will be too big for me? I just don't know right now.

Any advice would be appreciated!



Sheila said...

Maybe you should try deleting unwanted files/pictures and/or moving them to cds to give your hard drive more space. By doing that, it may speed up the uploading process.

Now I’m curious – what was the discussion about. My mother has a favorite saying when a person tries to make someone believe what they are saying is fact. My mom will glare in their face and tell them… who the hell said your mouth was Gospel…lol

As for the sweater… make the sleeves ¾ and finish it. You’d be surprise how handy a big sweater is during the cold months. I know, I've done it…lol

Adrienne said...

What if you resize the pics before you upload them?? I know when I try to upload full size pics it takes for ever, so I reduce the size.

Pajnstl said...

Yes PLEASE compress your pics!! They will crash other peoples pc's too

Didn't ian and I tell you that that sweater was too big.. hard head makes a soft ass lol

Can you do 3/4 length sleeves?

all-ian said...

Lol. Yeah I sure do remember saying that sweater was too big.
Sorry. kinda. lol

Virtuous said...

Gurl you gotta post pics. Don't you know folks "read" pics! LOL ;op

Too many reads makes me go ADD! Haha!

I have just gotten used to the loooong process of uploading & rearranging my tons of pics and blog posts.

Someone told me recently to add them as "HTML".

What you can do is upload 1 pic like you normally would under the "Compose" tab.

Then switch over to the "HTML" tab and copy that code every time you want to add a new pic BUT you would switch up with your photobucket html direct link when you want to change the pic.

That should make life a tad bit easier!

I just did that for the 1st time ever on my last blog post and I liked it better.

Hope that Helps! (HTH)