Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crochet and photo news

Hello there!

I knew I forgot to post something earlier this month and now I remember. I finally joined Ravelry! My user name is mskasey. I like it so far. I have visited the Ebony Elite group, updated my profile, added two new projects and my crochet hook collection. I have yet to venture many other places but I hope to do so soon. I have so much on my plate so it will take some time. But I am glad to be a member now.

On another note I have made a decision regarding my crochet cardigan project. I am going to continue to do the back in solid yarn. The old back will be frogged and I wil finish the sleeve as well as the trimming around the edges with this yarn. I think this scenario works best for me. I know sometimes I have self doubts. I just needed to vent I think. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions.

As for the picture issue, I think I have come to a conclusion. Stacey offered a great idea of switching to html to upload photos and suggested I try that so I will. I may also limit the amount of photos I upload per post. It's just a very time consuming activity for me. I will find a way to add them again. So don't worry. I will not continue with the long no picture posts. LOL!

Have a great day!

Catch you on the flip side!


Adrienne said...

YAY! Hope it works for you!

Pajnstl said...

well well well look who kept it short and sweet.

Sheila said...

Welcome to Ravelry.