Monday, December 31, 2007

A Year in Review


I started blogging. This has been a wonderful outlet for me. I love to have a place to show my creations and talk about the anything my heart desires.

I met some wonderful cybersisters who blog and have become wonderful supportive friends of mine. I cherish them all! Please check the blogs I visit listed.

I went to Orland for an entire week and enjoyed myself with my friend Becky. I was most proud I didn't drive Becky crazy the entire week. We visited six parks in six days which was crazy! We were totally exhausted by the time we returned! But I finally got to see all the Disney Parks and enjoy them.

I visited the American and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls while I worked in Upstate New York. I have a list of places I want to visit before I die and even though I had been to Niagara Falls before I never got a chance to really look around. Now its another place checked off my list as well as Orlando.

I started crocheting again and I am trying to advance my skills. The Ebony Elite group has been a great inspiration and motivation in this quest. What a wonderful group of talented ladies!

I went on a weekend trip to a scrapbook retreat with five fun ladies and it was a wonderful experience. I would love to do this again.

I joined another meetup group for sewing. I am very excited about this even though I haven't been to a meeting yet (which was not my fault since it was cancelled).

I went to my family reunion in Arkansas and had a good time with relatives.

I painted two rooms in my home myself. A slow start but more to come next year.

I went on three ski trips this year. I did two Midwest weekend trips to Pine Mountain in the UP of Michigan and Devils Head in Wisconsin and one trip out west to Winter Park, Colorado. I had a great time.

I didn't buy another die cutting machine! This was hard but I did it!

Bought new furniture for my creative space.


Save money

Have a garage sale

Stay on my budget.

Lose 10 pounds

Meet a nice gentlemen (not the scum I usually attract!)

Do more creative projects (sewing, crocheting, stamping, woodworking)

Be more organized

Get central air conditioning for my home

Go to church more often

This is actually all I could think of at the moment but I think its a pretty decent list. I want to thank everyone that reads my blog. I do hope in the future more of you leave a comment to let me know you are out there. It would be great to meet and get to know you!

I hope everyone had a good year and I hope it continues into 2008!

Peace and Love!


Adrienne said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

patrice said...

Happy New Year Chic!! Glad to have *met you

Virtuous said...

I am so glad we meet in the e-world! I am not sure how it happened but it was meant to me! :oD

You had a great year and I wish you many blessings for 2008!

flygirlual said...

wishing you a very Happy New year!!!