Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Park Recap

Boy! I have wanted to update my blog for some time now. So here goes my recap of the Winter Park ski trip.

The flight to Denver was good with no issues. When we arrived we all grabbed our luggage and waited for the bus to take us to Winter Park. The resort is about an hour and a half west of Denver. On our way to the resort we stopped at a grocery store and liquor store to grab some goodies for the weekened. I bought snacks and food for lunch and dinner (I am still on a budget) and some liquour for the room (I bought some Hot Damn! (cinnamon schnapps and butterscotch schnapps) to but in hot apple cider yum!). We also had several bottles of wine to drink too. We then loaded the bus again and left for the resort. We arrived at 11:30pm mountain time and lugged our stuff into our condos. The condos were nice. My roommates and I then decided on rooms and proceeded to drink and get to know each other before bed. We didn't go to bed until 1:30am.

Here is a picture of my condo roommates. They are in order Lynn, Keelin, Donna and me!

The next morning we got up and got ready to go skiing. We loaded up on the shuttle and off we went. It was a good day for skiing. It wasn't too cold for sure. I started out skiing with the ladies but then I ended up leaving them and skiing on my own. I had some boot issues I had to correct but overall I had a good first day. I stayed mainly on the green runs (the easiest runs around for you non-skiiers). Since I hadn't been skiing for a while I wanted to acclimate and slowly build my way up to the blue runs(the blue runs are intermediate runs). I did ski a few blue runs though. I was getting tired so I ended my day around 3pm and made my way back to the condo.
The next day I went skiing it was very cold! I mean very very very cold. The warming huts were full of people and I stopped after every run to sit an relax. I finally began to get really tired and left around 1:30 pm. I stayed at the condo the rest of the evening and even skipped our group pizza party. I just wasn't feeling fatigued and not up to hanging out with the gang. Besides I had another bad night of rest again. The last full day of skiing on Sunday I didn't leave the condo. I just laid around all day. I figured I was getting the altitude sickness I always get when I go to the Rockies. Not a good feeling. I finally got dressed around 3pm and went to get my skis which I stored at the resort. I did attempt to go out that evening and went to a German restaurant called Gasthuas Eichler in town. The food was good. This is what I had to eat.
Blue Cheese Mousse and Crackers

Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream and Applesauce

Salad with Cranberry Vingarette and bread

Beef Goulash with Spaetzle and Red Cabbage was my entree. It was good.

I always take pictures of food on my trips. This was no exception. LOL!

I made it back to the condo with the group and I did rest a bit better that evening. But I still wasn't feeling my best. I also had developed a cough too.

The next day we were leaving for home by 1pm so we spent the day shopping. I wanted to buy my mom some jewelry for Christmas so I ventured out and did some shopping. I still wasn't feeling very good but I did it. I thought this was promising. I did find the jewelry and stopped for something to eat and walked back to the condo. I was pretty proud of myself even though I was tired. The bus arrived shortly after my arrival back at the condo and we loaded up and left for dinner. We had a wonderful bus driver that took the scenic route for us since we were early and we were able to go through the beautiful canyons. We also went through Golden, Colorado where Coors is manufactured and he gave us some nice touristy information. Great ending.

I finally make it home that evening and I was so exhausted it wasn't funny. I went straight to bed and slept in my clothes because I was pretty cold. The next day I was as sick as ever and its been horrible every since. I am now battling the flu. I made an appointment to visit my doctor and she gave me a prescription for antibiotics and told me to stay at home to rest. I still feel like crap and I am doing nothing but coughing and sleeping all day. I hate this crap! I hope I feel better by Christmas. I would hate to spend Christmas sick.

So now you know why I haven't updated my blog all week. I have been too sick and exhausted to even consider it. Say a prayer for me! I really need it! But I look to the good side to this believe it or not. I haven't been able to spend any money shopping all week! LOL! That's a good thing!

I am going to leave this post with a fun picture of me during happier times on my trip. I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Sheila said...

Get Well Soon - and you are so adventurous. I'm glad you were able to enjoy most of your ski trip, but really get well soon and Happy Holiday.

Sheila said...
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Virtuous said...

Wow your trip seemed fun and very full!

You were sick b4 you went to CO right?
Hope you feel better over the holidays!

Merry Christmas!

pajnstl said...

You did ALOT on your trip! cute pic of you on your ski's :)
I hope you feel better soon!

Merry Christmas!