Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stash Busting - Lace Up Moccasins

These moccasins was found in a Crochet A Day Calendar for 2008. The pattern is by Georgiann Eikenbary. I saw these moccasins and instantly knew I had to make them. This is a picture from the blog of the designer.

Here is a frontal view of my moccasins. They have beads purchased from Michaels' and fringe around the top of the foot. The pattern from the calendar shows fringe and it mentions beads but I couldn't see them on the photo.

I think mine look really really good. Very good pattern. I love how they come up the calf.

Here's a side view. There was an option to make additional soles so I did for additional cushion. Also I added some padded insoles to make them comfortable and to give them some shape.

I'm modeling these while at my mother's home. She was very impressed with my work. Watching her look over my workmanship made me feel all puffed up and proud! LOL!

I haven't decided to keep them or give them away as a gift. I may just keep them for myself. Who knows?

It feels great to finish a project and the outcome is terrific. I'm very pleased with these moccasins.



Adrienne said...

keep on crafting girl!!!! :-)

Sheila said...

You are on a roll and loving the creativity.

Virtuous said...

Gurl you are on a serious tip of cranking out the great crochet projects and blogging w. pictures!!! :oD Keep it coming!! Great job on the blanket too!

Kim said...

You are on a roll girl. These look very comfy. I say keep them for yourself.

KimT said...

gorgeous! I love these!

Sonya said...

Cas these are lovely!! And they look sooo comfy!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Ooo!, I love these. What a great project and they look fantastic. Good job.

anneikenbary said...

It's wonderful to see something someone else has made following my patterns, and knowing they were happy with the finished result all the way around - the fit and the look. Thank you for posting pictures of these. I think you did a beautiful job! (Georgiann 'Ann' Eikenbary, Designer)